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A new step-by-step guide, titled A Guide to Digital User Experience for Charity Recruitment – How to revolutionise your online recruitment process and attract the best candidates, has been launched by Workfuly.

Creating a great online recruitment process is crucial to attracting talent, but knowing where to start and how to create the best experiences for candidates can be a challenge.

The guide, published by the startup job board for the charity and public sectors, is jargon free and easy to follow. It begins by explaining what the digital user experience is and how charities large and small can apply proven techniques to create effective online recruitment pages.

There are sections ranging from what makes good design, how to test the effectiveness of website pages down to the different methods for candidates to submit job applications. It’s all written with a goal to create great recruitment pages focusing on the charity organisation, the job and the candidate.

Many charities today recognise the importance of a good online experience for attracting donations and volunteers, yet many still aren’t paying the same attention to their recruitment process.

To read or download a copy of the guide visit

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