Gujarat Congress parades 44 MLAs before media; alleges BJP threat to their families

The Gujarat Congress addressed the media on Sunday, parading its 44 MLAs from the state, in an attempt to put an end to speculations about internal rifts within the party.

While addressing the media at Eagleton Resort in Bengaluru, Congress leader Shaktisinh Gohil urged the media to “save democracy”.

He also blamed the BJP of using CBI and Enforcement Directorate to target MLAs from their party.

“BJP is using CBI and ED to target Congress MLAs. BJP threatened our families back in Gujarat, and that is why we came to Bengaluru of our own accord,” he said during the meeting, He further blamed BJP of bidding Rs 1,500 crore as bribe money and claimed that the party had tried to “buy” MLAs from the Congress ahead of the Rajya Sabha election.

Meanwhile, BJP protested against the Congress MLAs in Bengaluru and said that while flood was wrecking havoc in Gujarat, the legislators were sitting in a resort far away.

Countering this, Gohil said the MLAs were brought to the southern state after party leaders learnt about BJP’s attempt to poach their MLAs using “money and muscle” power. He added that the legislators would be shifted back if there were no threats from the BJP.

In the run up to Assembly polls, which are due in Gujarat later this year, Congress’ main leaders Shankarsinh Vaghela and Balwantsinh Rajput left the party, creating a power vacuum. Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani then claimed the Congress was suffering from “internal rifts”. The party would also rue their loss ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections, due on 8 August.

But Gohil said the party was confident of winning the Rajya Sabha elections. He further claimed that the party has 60 legislators with it and ruled out BJP winning the third Rajya Sabha seat from Gujarat, polls for which are scheduled on 8 August.

“The BJP does not have the numbers. Congress has 57 legislators, and BJP cannot even dream of winning the third seat. There are three other colleagues also — we are now 60,” he said.

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