Gutfeld: Trump Is the Media’s Ex, and He’s Doing Great

Pelosi: Whether Dems Win Midterm Elections ‘So Unimportant’

No one likes to hear that their ex is doing great, Greg Gutfeld began on his show Saturday night.

Yet President Trump is the media’s ex, and he is doing just fine, the host chuckled.

The president tapped Gen. John Kelly to replace Reince Priebus as White House chief of staff last week, a move Gutfeld said is a slap to the media.

“Trump’s choice of Kelly rejects the mili-phobia of libs in the media who spent decades declaring that the only working part of the government, the military, consists of evil fascists,” he stated.

Kelly is expected to bring order to a White House staff that suffers from leaks of sensitive information and infighting.

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