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Between TV, video games, mobile phones and the latest trends, kids today have a lot of distractions. But few things can inspire wonder like the great outdoors.

As Lake Havasu City’s summer heat begins to dissipate, youth scouting organizations are driving interest in outdoor activities. Between the Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and Sea Scouts of Havasu, there are still plenty of options for the city’s youth to go out and see the Havasu wilderness for themselves. Recruitment efforts are underway in each of the city’s scouting organizations, giving Havasu kids plenty to do this fall.

There are some things of which boys are never in short supply of: dirt, jumping in puddles, collecting weird-looking bugs – boys are gross, and they own that distinction with gusto. So when Lake Havasu Cub Scout Troops 85 and 992 gathered last week to meet prospective recruits and their parents, “slime” seemed like an obvious appeal.

Havasu’s Cub Scout troops met with newcomers last week for the organization’s “Slime Night,” allowing kids to make slime of their own as organizers chatted with parents about the organization’s benefits. It’s one of several creative ways in which the city’s youth organizations are attracting new members, and Scout Leader George O’Connell says the event gained the Cub Scouts about 10 new members in each pack.

Recruitment has been consistent for Havasu youth in recent years, and each pack has consistently grown by about 10-20 newcomers each year.

“We offer outdoor activity, and time away from their video games,” O’Connell said. “We do archery, we’ve got our own climbing wall, and they learn a lot of different things in the community. We also stress community service with goal-oriented activities, where they earn belt-loops for different activities.”

Ultimately, the adventurous spirit of Havasu’s male (and sometimes female) youth often brings them to meet the Cub Scouts. With Havasu’s red mountain ranges, open waters and welcoming community, the Scouts have plenty to learn and explore.

For more information about Cub Scout enrollment, contact Cub Scout Packs 85 and 992 through their individual Facebook pages, or visit https://beascout.scouting.org.

The Colorado River flows into peaceful Lake Havasu, providing a source of comfort and relaxation for hundreds of thousands of the city’s visitors each year. For Lake Havasu City’s Sea Scouts, Havasu’s open waters represent something else – a source of adventure.

The co-ed, youth-led Sea Scouts organization offers Havasu youth education in sailing and navigation while providing opportunities to serve the community of Lake Havasu. The organization is a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America, and often sees new members from Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts who may take an interest in sailing Havasu’s waters, according to Sea Scouts Ship 450 Skipper Kathy Weydia.

This past Labor Day weekend, Havasu’s Sea Scouts gathered at Movies Havasu to work at the concession stand, raising money for the organization; and members will later this week receive certification in scuba diving.

In November, the Sea Scouts host a “merit badge weekend,” where the organization often sees newcomers and members of the Havasu public. Often, however, it’s word-of-mouth that attracts new members, according to Weydig.

“We have 14 scouts right now,” Weydig said. “Word-of-mouth is how all of our sea Scouts have joined us in the past.”

The Sea Scouts will host an open house recruitment drive from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Sept. 23, at the docks of London Bridge Resort in the English Village.

To learn more about Havasu’s Sea Scouts program, visit the organization’s Facebook page , or visit https://seascout.org for more information.

Some Havasu residents are familiar with the Girl Scouts of America through the organization’s cookie sales throughout the city. Those annual sales, however, support the Girl Scouts in their own pursuits, whether it’s trekking through Havasu’s surrounding wilderness or learning survival skills for the future.

Havasu’s Girl Scouts are always looking for new members, and in Lake Havasu City, recruitment sometimes means getting creative. This week, the scouts will host a “mystery dinner,” offering troop members a chance to engage the community, and offering a chance for prospective members to see scouts’ activities up close.

The “mystery dinner” is a new effort led by the group’s older members, and according to troop Leader Tammie Bohnker, it’s a chance for parents and kids to see how much fun the girl scouts can be.

According to Bohnker, the Sept. 10 event could add several new Girl Scout troops to the 17 troops that already operate in Lake Havasu City

For more information, Havasu’s Girl Scouts can be contacted through their Facebook page, Lake Havasu Girl Scouts, or email lhcgirlscout@gmail.com

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