Hayes calls for votes in EU elections for Irish in UK

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes has said that a way should be found to allow Irish citizens living in the UK to vote in the next European Parliament Elections in 2019.

An estimated 331,000 Irish citizens living in Britain will lose their right to vote in EU elections once Brexit takes hold.

Mr Hayes says he believes those Irish people should be able to retain their right to cast an EU ballot.

He was speaking at a meeting in London organised by the group Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad.

He said the majority of EU member states do not deprive their citizens of the right to vote when living in another country.
Ireland, the Czech Republic, Malta and Slovakia are the only EU members who do not allow their nationals living outside the country the right to vote in their home EU elections.

All other members have systems in place to facilitate some form of non-resident voting in EU elections.

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