Here’s former Virginia Tech hoops coach Seth Greenberg’s idea for paying student-athletes

One of the most controversial topics in sports right now is the matter of paying college athletes. Proponents say that since the NCAA is profiting off of athletes, the next step is to share some of that revenue with players. One of the NCAA’s arguments against is that student-athletes in smaller sports would be left out while basketball and football players received compensation.

Now, with the FBI’s recent fraud and bribery investigations into several programs across the nation resulting in arrests, the topic has come to the forefront once more.

ESPN college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg certainly has plenty of experience in dealing with student-athletes. The former coach spent more than three decades on the sideline, including nine seasons as the head coach at Virginia Tech. On Sunday evening, Greenberg tweeted an idea he has about compensating players:

Of course, the idea quickly had its detractors, with one Twitter user stating that boosters could easily snap up the tickets. Another wondered if each player would be compensated equally if a school does decide that they do want to hold an autograph session and charge for it.

This is an issue that is probably not going to go away for some time. Whether or not Greenberg’s solution is the right one is up for debate, but at least he is throwing in his two cents on the matter.

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