Hi-tech speed bumps, not potholes: Comedian Jose Covaco backs RJ Malishka in new video | mumbai news

A new video released by comedian Jose Covaco supports RJ Malishka and mocks the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for being ill-prepared for monsoon.

The 2-minute video sees a pokerface Covaco refusing to acknowledge the potholes on Mumbai roads, calling them tea vessels, hi-tech speed breakers and multi-purpose holes. Laden with irony, the video is a hilarious take on BMC’s appeal to Mumbaikars to trust them.

Covaco takes a subtle dig at the BMC for serving a notice to Mendonsa’s mother for breeding dengue at her Bandra house with a shot of mosquitoes hovering over a drain near Lilavati Hospital. “These are not mosquitoes. These are Nanobots, a new technology, sent specially to Mumbai by Elon Musk,” he says.

The video that ends with the comedian saying “Shame on all these citizens who are complaining against BMC, because everything is perfect here. So, shut up,” has been retweeted over 8K times.

Red FM released a video on Thursday, slamming the BMC and supporting Mendonsa whose video titled ‘Mumbai tula BMC var bharosa nahi kay’ was shared widely on social media.

The 1-minute 40-second video by Red FM blames the BMC for flooding of roads and choking of sewer lines.

After Mendonsa released ‘Mumbai tula BMC var bharosa nahi kay’ on July 10, the Shiv Sena, which runs the BMC along with ally BJP, responded by urging the corporation to sue her for defaming the civic body.

“The song did not name the Shiv Sena directly, but it hurts us that Mumbai’s and the BMC’s image is unnecessarily taking a hit,” said Samadhan Sarvankar, Sena legislator Sada Sarvankar’s son.

Mendonsa tweeted on Thursday thanking people who supported her, “Just wanna thank you for all your support.You guys are awesome Mumbai you are the best. Mala tujhyavar bharosa aahe (sic).”

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