High energy dance show, ‘Be Your Self Redux’, at Frankston Arts Centre

That’s the question that underpins choreographer Garry Stewart’s audacious and high energy dance show, Be Your Self Redux.

Performer Kimball Wong said Stewart aimed to engage audiences in a discussion in which they explored what makes you, ‘you’.

“It’s highly athletic. Garry’s work is physical and high energy — it sits in that realm,” he told the Leader.

“It uses a lot of floor-based technique. It’s a study of the self and what makes the self. It taps into a lot of different (dance) forms.”

Stewart’s show developed from conversations he had with a Buddhist monk, neurologist, physiologist and literary academic.

Wong said the choreographer provided his dancers with extensive reading material and research as the show was being developed.

“Garry gave us a lot of reading to use to try and generate ideas and find sparks for us that will get us moving in different ways and thinking in different ways.”

Wong said he found the show variously physically, emotionally and mentally tiring.

Yet it was also rewarding with its focus on the ‘self’ enabling Wong to gain a better understanding of his own identity.

“The more you know, the more you understanding your place in the world,” Wong said of what he personally gained from the show.

See Wong and athletic dancers of the Australian Dance Theatre in Be Your Self Redux at Frankston Arts Centre on Friday, September 8, at 8pm.

Tickets $27 to $34. Bookings: thefac.com.au or 9784 1060.

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