Holmen police warn of man selling books door-to-door

He told one young girl he was there to tutor her. 

The complaints started off as minor. A man, going door-to-door, selling what he said were educational books.

Then the complaints escalated to what Holmen police chief Shane Collins said was inappropriate behavior.

The man, believed to be in his 20s, told one young girl, who opened the door, that he was there to tutor her, according to info given to the Holmen school district.

The man has been doing the same thing in other cities, as well.

The Holmen Police Dept. has revoked the solicitors permit of this man and, if seen attempting to sell again, contact the police at 608.526.4212.

Collins said that there are very strict guidelines what a door to door salesman can do. The man violated those guidelines.

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