How Big Tech Companies are Helping Out with Harvey

Harvey Relief Shelter, courtesy Red Cross

Tech companies are helping out in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Here’s how they’re putting their platforms to work for good.

Big tech companies have a major platform to help do good in the wake of a disaster. Here is how some of the tech giants are helping out.


Search “hurricane harvey” or “tropical storm harvey” and you’ll get a ton of information related to the storm. Not only are there updates from official channels, but there are maps with affected areas, helpful links and a button to donate to relief efforts.


Facebook activated it’s Safety Check tool for the Houston area. This will show you a list of your friends in the affected area and whether they have marked themselves as safe. If they haven’t, you can send them a message to check on them.  There is also a map with dots showing areas of need and a place to post offers of help or calls for assistance.

Red Cross Donations

You can text a $10 donation to the Red Cross disaster relief fund by sending the word HARVEY to 90999. The donation will appear on your wireless bill.

Apple is also accepting donations on behalf of the Red Cross. You can find a link to donate in iTunes on your phone or desktop. You can use the billing information Apple has on file for your account.

Amazon is matching up to $1 million dollars in donations made through a special page on its website. Again, donations are easy since you can complete the transaction in a few clicks using payment information stored by Amazon.


Airbnb has set up a special relief page for Hurricane Harvey. The company is waiving all service fees for those affected by the disaster until September 25, 2017. Airbnb is also adjusting its rules to allow for free stays in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas. Those displaced can find a free place to stay and hosts can list their property for free.

Wireless Carriers

Wireless service in the area was impacted by the storm and carriers are helping folks ensure that they can connect with loved ones.

AT&T will issue credits to wireless customers in impacted areas for extra data, voice and text charges.

Verizon is giving customers talk, text and data “relief” while prepaid customers will get an extra 3 gigs of data.

T-Mobile is offering unlimited data to all affected customers, even if they’re not on an unlimited plan.

Sprint will waive “casual” call and text fees for their customers.


I reached out to Uber to see what they were doing in the wake of the storm and the company told me they are donating $300,000 in rides, food, and supply delivery to the families and communities nearby. Uber is also working with local officials to see how their platform might provide support in this trying time.

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