‘How I made my first billion from digital currency trade’

In 2016, one man, Ajamu Sunday invested N2,000 into the digital currency market and today, he says he has become a billionaire since his first investment late last year. RUTH OLUROUNBI sat down with him in his Ibadan office to find that how this happened. His story:

Before we get into how you became a billionaire from investing in cryptocurrency, let’s first get to know what prompted you into this digital currency business in the first place.
This promotion business was born from the vison to help promote The Billion Coin, popularly known as the TBC,a cryptocurrency which has a mission to eradicate poverty across the world. So when I studied the technical aspect of the programming language, I discovered that the programmer has the mind of humanity, the mind of God because TBC is the first ever company that I will ever see that its target is to empower and help lift them from poverty.

How did you get into this business?
Honestly, I didn’t know that I will end up my business career in this kind of business. In October 24, 2016, a friend called and introduced the business to me. Initially, I felt that the business he called me for was a networking business and I was reluctant because of the experience I had in 2006, which is 11 years ago. That experience in networking business has made be distance myself from such businesses because I realized that the people you bring into the networking business, the down lines, don’t usually make a head way, while the people that brought them in do in which I am one of them. So, I asked myself: “of what value is it that I make a lot of money and the people behind me don’t?” That was why I left the networking business and made sure I stayed clear off it.
But I must tell you that the business acumen I had garnered for more than 11 years has served me in this new business we call digital currency. And today, I am so much happy because I am better off it. Why? My N2,000 of October 24 last year has made me a billionaire today, by God’s special grace.

About that, how exactly did you become a billionaire investing in digital currency such as TBC?
It wasn’t as if I invested N2,000 and I woke up to become a billionaire. What happened was that I personally have integrity among my group and I introduced to my group. So one of them now joined through me and invested N2 million and I received 20 per cent marketing bonus from that N2 million. Now I had the option of receiving N400,000 in cash or in digital benefit and I decided to opt for digital benefit. The N400,000 I am talking about now was in November last year and today now, it has appreciated to over N100 million in TBC and it will continue to appreciate at the rate of three per cent per day compound growth.
I did not just invest N2,000, I also invested in a lot of information. Information is wealth. If you’re not informed, the tendency of you ending up as a poor person is high. You risk living in abject poverty if you’re not informed. This is why I invested a lot of time and money into getting as much information and understanding as I can help introduce Nigerian to the value of cryptocurrency.

What is the value of cryptocurrency and why should Nigerians invest into it?
Cryptocurrency rules the world. It is the future of all currencies. Let me tell you something: if there’s a high level of awareness in the in cryptocurrency, in the next two years, we witness the same thing we witnessed with the advent of the social media. As I speak with you now, we have over 978 digital currencies that are under market capitalization, what we call crypto capital market. And there are still some that are not under market capitalization. One of them is TBC because the programmer decided from inception that he doesn’t want to subject TBC to market manipulations by the rich. So the question now is: what’s the driving force that is giving value to TBC and the answer is very simple: it is the law of agreement. As people come in to into invest, they do not lose their money. For example if you’re investing N20,000 what you’re agreeing to is that when you invest, your N20,000 must not depreciate. It must continue to appreciate between one per cent to five per cent compound growths.Let’s you are investing N100,000 in the market, did you know that within six months and 21 days, your N100,000 would have appreciated to nothing less than N22.5 million?

Is that in bitcoin or in physical cash?
It’s in both. It will be in digital cash. Digital cash is also as good as physical cash because you will have people that will be interested in exchanging the digital cash for a service or a product from you or from somebody else. For instance, recently, there was a building in Uyo that was valued at N200 million. What do we call that one? Physical cash or asset? But somebody that understood the value of The Billion Coin decided to do the transaction and they exchanged that N200 million worth of building with N200 million worth of TBC digital cash, which was 20 TBCs. So if the person that is the new owner wants, he or she can decide to rent the building out and the people he or she is renting out to may not understand the value of TBC and will pay in physical cash. He or she may decide to sell the building and the person he or she is selling to may also decide to pay in cash and that will give you cash of N200 million and that is how business is being done all over the world. What I am trying to point out is that the money is convertible either way.

How is this business different from say multi-level marketing and how do they get their investment back?
Cryptocurrency is an idea that is built on a technology called block-chain and it is payment system between individuals that allows people to make exchanges. In the world over, the business that is selling is currency. Some call it Bureau De Change and some call it foreign exchange. All of these products have nothing but currency. What we are experiencing now is that we are gradually moving away from physical commodity to e-commodity. This system allows you to trade on the platform and don’t forget I said that the value of this business is the law of agreement that guarantees that as people come in to into invest, they do not lose their money.
The block-chain is the technology behind all cryptocurrencies. The first successful cryptocurrency is called bitcoin and that was invented in 2009 and those people that invest in it saw the future. Let’s say you invested $100 then and $1 sold for N150 then. By then, you’d have bought 130,903 bitcoins. You will see that you’re in the rank of millions of dollars today, which if converted to naira, is over N100 billion. Which business will you from 2009 to 2017 that’s about eight years that can guarantee you a return of over N100 billion with just N15, 000? People will think you have gone for money ritual, which is not, but just access to information.

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