How Low Self-Esteem Can Hurt Your Relationship, And 4 Steps To Loving Yourself Again | Liza Caldwell & Kimberly Mishkin

4 steps to being HAPPY (and in love!) again.

When a woman’s relationship or marriage is in a life-threatening state of high alert, and you dig down deeper to ask a woman what is wrong, she will often blame herself, and her issues with self-esteem will become apparent.

Her remorse might start like this:

“I am embarrassed to say this …”

“This is going to sound stupid.”

“I don’t know, I just don’t trust myself anymore.”

After talking with hundreds of women in our divorce coaching practice, we have to say, ladies, your first instinct might be right. On some level, you are to blame for your relationship.

Although you and your partner should be equal players, bearing equal brunt for the logistics of your relationship and emotional support, the fact that you don’t respect yourself is what’s causing lasting damage to your relationship.

But it’s hard to feel differently about yourself — because, by some measure, you’ve drunk the Kool-Aid that you are not deserving of something better. You’ve convinced yourself that if only you could fix yourself, you’d magically transform the sorry state of your marital affairs.

It’s a Catch-22, or what we call Stage 1 of Divorce: a vicious circle where you blame him, but really deep down you blame yourself, and then you override it, because, it’s all too much to remedy. Where do you begin?

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