How much corpus can I create by investing Rs 1 lakh?


Aug 03, 2017, 03.35 PM IST

Me and my husband (33 and 37 years old respectively) together are investing Rs 1 lakh per month in various mutual funds for 15 years. My husband plans to retire after that. I want to know how much corpus can we create by following this plan and will we be able to have a monthly income of Rs 2 lakh by investing the total corpus?
We started our investments in January 2017.

–Pooja Naidu Barri

Chirag Gokani, Founder and Principal Advisor, Wealthwiz Advisors, responds:

Since you have not mentioned the kind of funds you are investing via SIPs, it would be difficult to calculate the corpus you might accumulate. However, at an average rate of 12 per cent per annum (post tax), you will accumulate Rs 4.76 crore after monthly investment of Rs 1 lakh for 15 years. To withdraw Rs 2 lakh per month, without considering inflation (which might change the whole picture) you will need Rs 2.02 crore at the time of retirement (assuming life expectancy of 80 years, assuming you continue to earn 12 per cent (post tax) annual returns post retirement on your accumulated savings.

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