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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel did not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome the Bulls and Bears I’m your host and in the Cisco sit back and relax and enjoy that Jews in the notes that the financial markets. So much going on out there excited as always before we dive deep into want to thank our sponsor. Online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets maybe a 41 K. And higher rate in an independent trade account concern about the market sell off check him out across the Carolinas many locations. Online trading canned meat it’s 8887508723. That’s 888. 750. 723. As always in studio co host of the bulls and banners senior coach about my training academy in coach Steve Champa. Yeah it’s the weekend man. Plus talk about go a lot of things going on record live here to meet up group. So we got some of the meet up listeners watching eating some great barbecue and it’s a great night out here so. Lot of exciting things that discusses the markets this week and more importantly. How to protect your blood out there on this field because there’s a lot of movement and markets right now the market is little up and out last week dramatic moves up Thursday big move down. We got to have a discussion of the list is about how to preserve capital and stay safe in a market like this because it’s getting crazy out here man. Absolutely want to thank Williamson’s Brothers barbecue because the food is I and it is good. Yet we’re talking about a variety of things but before we dive into the don’t forget to head over to FaceBook. Like SF Bulls and Bears radio and of course at that anytime you have a question for senior coach feel free to ask the coach. On the hotline at 87790. For trade and that’s asked the coach at 877904. Trade champ a lot going on out there. Every single week we’re talking about what’s happening in the markets. One of the things were always focusing on is preserving what we had you know you can focus on growing. He could focus on you know building wealth but if you don’t have capital preservation. At the top peerless you’re gonna get stuck just like 2008 now that’s not what I want. Probably the mark set up right now it’s very similar to 2008 we’ve got. Stocks at a record high and we look globally around the world and see where the bubble is that it’s in the US stock market. And unfortunately for many of the listeners that’s where your form case it and it’s that their full risk. If the market cells offer corrects which you will it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter when. They’re gonna take a pounding just like in 2008 so the focus of staying safe in a market that’s over extended like this one. Or over barb like this one overvalued like this one. Is still a stock to put some capital preservation techniques and process these into Europe. Investment accounts and the problem is many people don’t know how to do that many analysts as the Bulls and Bears as they tune in we try to keep it as simple as possible with a lot of things you can do to protect against laws. The first to get realizes that I have to take a step and then just a matter of figuring out the best alternative view. And you can win of the storm so to speak and more importantly. You can even profit from a moved down and that’s will go in the next session but capital preservation because Paramount that image you know malicious have to really tune in because. If they don’t live don’t listen they could possibly give all that money back and it’s that’s a travesty does it happen in 2000. We don’t wanna see it happen again while that’s the biggest thing I mean if somebody is in the market right now and you’re not doing anything different than you were doing in 200789. Or anything different from 2002001. And two I mean. Lot of people along the market mutual funds people owned stock positions and the classic line is once derided out I wrote it up are routed down and running back up again while. The biggest thing people miss out on that opportunity chip this time and time cost. If you took a hit 200789. And in January 2009 if you were sent down 3040% like a lot of people war. And and you had to wait seven a year for to come back what that time worth to you that 78 years that you could been retired. Right I mean you can never get the time back and that’s the real issue. Is if you don’t understand how to not take those big losses. See the problem is if the we have a year like 2000 anywhere. The S and he went down 50%. If you that’s a 100000 calls forward care entire day S&P falls 50% you’re not at fifty grand in your account. Now in order for you to get back to win you were you had a hundred grand. You lost 50% out of fifty in order beauty get back to a hundred grand yet to make a 100% return on the fifty men to get back to where you work so you lost 50%. Now I gotta make a 100% return on what’s left it a principal in your investment accounts to get it back to where you were and you’re nine years older. That’s that’s the definition of insanity you wish you were nine years ago in your will and you potentially now facing another dramatic move down. And if you don’t learn how to preserve Kaplan gonna take that loss again and then you’ll run out years folks and that’s the problem we cannot have a systematic approach to the markets. Where we run out of years because your financial goals fourteen years after you die is not. A good goal down on me that’s not where you wanna be and think about it I mean that’s a lot of people are doing their target funds target point 184045. Funds. That their company is offering them that opportunity go in and if that fund is not producing at that level that they’re looking for the market as a correction. There’s get it they’re gonna miss out and that’s the that this insanity doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results mutual funds stocks target funds. Every 401K is made up all these things champ than the average person the people listening to this right now they have no well. The forward Kei is proven to be historically one of the worst investment vehicles ever created because. Was meant to be a savings account was never meant to be invested aggressively on Wall Street. It’s been transitioned into this investment account it’s. Not a replacement for pensions but a lot of people look at it that way because pensions are gone. And so and I got all this market risk. You pay these exorbitant fees is some Wall Street Mitt Wall Street institution he’s charging you just out the nose regardless of what the fund goes up or down. And you run out of years let me ask you this folks who do you know with a 41 K who built wealth in a 41 K. Who has become tremendously wealthy successful because of that four K. Doesn’t happen. It’s so that is so it’s it’s a it’s a vehicle that basically is designed for Wall Street to take the money. So while we talk about capital preservation it’s understating it. You can take control that 41 K you can take control your money put it higher rates put it another tax deferred retirement account learn the skills to protect and preserve against loss. And when you understand that market direction doesn’t matter that movement provides opportunity and up is good and down as good. That’s a game changer and the problem is that it does so much misinformation the masses don’t understand it. They think they’re not Smart enough to admit there on Monday to self directed think that they don’t have what it takes. And that’s a lot of Wall Street every single person listen to us could sell direct your own retirement accounts do better than anybody else that you could pay money to do. And ultimately. Make money regardless of direction the market and protect and preserve against lost there’s so many ways to do that it on balls capital preservation becomes so important. That you understand how to preserve what you have. Otherwise you’re gonna give it back in a run out of time but we spoke of earlier exactly an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on capital preservation. This class is a 500 dollar value and what’s neat about this class whether someone’s brain and in the market amid you’ve been a market for years but he never taken the time to learn higher for one k.’s and diaries truly worked. This is the class for you you do not want to miss out on us especially if you have money that’s in the market. And you’re concerned about a correction this is a 500 dollar class. It’s talk right at the campus online trading academy do not want to miss out on this we’ll have a few sees the giveaway we’re gonna take collars and that’s Wadi pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade at 84451. Trait for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class a capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy that’s 84451871833. 8445187233. For callers ten to twenty get this 500 dollar class on capital preservation. Again a 41 K and higher rate if you’re in the market you do not understand how to protect in a downward move you need to get ready for this. We’re taking callers ten to 284451. That trade as is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the fools that has a little bit sick. That nothing’s. Wealth intelligence like the little Sanford so absolutely talk about Friday but things always have the time. Don’t forget to head over to FaceBook and like yes at Bulls and Bears radio. And definitely a question for the coach seat your coach feel free to call. 877904. Trade its epic in Mexico on any given and ask any question though during the week maybe next week. Whatever you like column. 87790. Portrayed asked the coach at one point plaza today just make sure you’re sober. And the question is relevant and all of that that dollar called its overhead not all been relevant ads no matter and I am still outsells them happily so. Yeah I do wanna give a special show out the waves and rose barbecue. He would do in the media group sessions and I would it would live recording and they did such a great job is set up the spread forest they have location in Marietta Douglas Phil and kitten the food is amazing. If you catering they team lead in them for any of your special events holiday events what have you. Great sauces spices they make all home made it apparently of this sauces and me the grocery stores around the area. That’s Lee Hanson Brothers dot com Williamson Brothers dot com a special set out to them because. This food is the line. The champ talk about variety of different things and you know one of the things that we always talk about every week on Bulls and Bears. It is the fact that the market goes up the market goes down we need to understand both sides of that. People know how to make money on the market goes up they buy it all that they sell once hired they don’t know how to make money goes down it’s called shorting we talk about banning it from every single week your crumbles there’s. So atlases take a moment. When you think about it we look historically back to eighteen O two in the US stock market which mart has been around a long time 1792. The New York Stock Exchange was founded. But from AT notes due to currents if we look historically year over year the market goes up about half the time. And it goes down on half the time that simply is an understanding of things get overvalued. The president get priced too high. Things get undervalued they always find a fair value those market terms as a constant terms that we used on Bulls and Bears and right now the market’s overvalued the stock market in many do you have your money in for one k.s in your in an overvalued situation other words. Prices too high. And prices to bypass the fall. In other words visit this it’s highway there’s no more demand people stop paying it because it gets too high. And when that happens all might treat differently saying no tree grows to the sky we have a correction. And we’re caught for a correction in the broad market when that correction happens what it means is that you can make money is price falls. And see the best traders and impresses the most successful people in the financial markets. They don’t care which way the market goes as long as it moves they can profit. So up as good and down as the problem with the listeners Adam is they take up is good down his bed in programmed to think that way. They thought that way since their entire life essentially. And at the media does nothing but promote it they say it’s a bad day if the market goes down a tough day on Wall Street you’ll hear that term. Not a tough day when the market falls the just exchange of money. And somebody made some do lost. The problem is the masses lost and if you want it’ll be successful in the markets and any she way shape or form and 41 K entire day. It’s ESP count for 57 and any of those types of accounts. You have to learn how to profit regardless of direction. Up is Madonna’s good and the way we able to profit on a dollar movies by shorting a short selling. Line a lot of you’ll tip that’ll take the time Miller I mean think about that for average personally feel their 401K statement. Maybe they’d decide to buy stock in an diary account whenever they’re doing in the financial markets the average person doesn’t sit down. Get educated about eight they hear about a company’s stock they wanna go by apple or Google with a lot flyer. And they go by but he never actually what they they researched the company they don’t actually research how to trade I don’t understand that. There’s different ways to trade and short it’s the difference is that difficult this is different we sent at all time. And the reality is settlers feel it is in the thing is if you don’t learn that’s deal. And we have a significant move down in price in the S&P of the doubt you got to give all those gains that you eternal winner into illusion that the travesty so we have to be prepared to. Profit regardless direction that we give it a cliff notes on short selling looks like. Let’s take a stock like Coca-Cola cola company based in Atlanta Georgia trading right now our forty foot also share. A Coca-Cola obviously is gonna go upper doubt in my own price and you know it’s always gonna move and fluctuate. But if we believe that Coca-Cola was gonna fall from 44 dollars down afforded all the share. We can make money on that for all moved down in price we could shortstop. Now here’s the way we do that. We open up our brokerage account we have the ability to sell short short something. And what that means that I broke with allowing us to sell something that we don’t don’t knows that crazy in America we could also we don’t know a lot of people love to sell the neighbor’s house. It out of the gators will win it. We have the ability to sell something we don’t known in the financial markets notify thought that Coca-Cola is gonna go from 44 all the share down forty. I can’t open up I broke it cap hit the short sell tab. And sell shares of Coca-Cola into the market forty foot all the share now here’s the catch and it’s not really catch this is that it real thing it would people have a connection problem. Is that we’re selling something that we don’t own. Our broker is allowing us to use their inventory to sell into the market in other words there’s loaning us the shares essentially. So only the short sell button on our trading platform the stock the stock it sold into the market forty foot all the share. Where and how short that stock and our goal is to buy the stock back but we believe it’s going forty look at abide Beckett forty. So we buyback at forty the moment we buy the shares back at forty it immediately goes right back and Barbara is inventory so here’s what happened. They allowed us to sell their shares into the market forty foot also share. When price fell to forty we’ve bought the shares back collect covering the short we covered our short the moment we bought the shares back the stock goes right back to the inventory the broker. We beat the difference in other words we sold at 44. We bought it later on forty. See the gold in the market here it is folks leaving him. Buy low and sell high that’s the key. But we don’t do that order so all we’re doing is shorting is we’re selling in advance of a price fall. Where using the brokers inventory would take that forty foot all the share we buyback at forty. It’s only costing us forty to buy back we took in 44 we sold that Ford calls the share that’s days an account that’s our profit. On hundreds if we just made for a box on a thousand years we just profit for agree cannot afford all of moved down in a stock. Think of that. Think if you had done that during the collapse of the S&P in 2008 or 2000 if you understood how to sell short on how to profit on Dow would move. What that would mean for your account balance today we talked earlier about. Losing time because you try to make upping get back to you were at these big losses with you a profit on that moved down. Think what that would Adonal long term you profitability. It’s a game changer when you learn how to sell short take advantage of move down price. It’s not that hard to do folks if you listening you could learn it it’s just a matter of taking the steps in and putting and it’s action. Exactly and our sponsor Bulls and Bears online trading academy they understand shorting. Can be difficult for a lot of people is really not that’s what a class specifically on it to somebody can actually take the time learn how to short. Whether they’re trying to protect retirement account funds and 41 K and IRA or maybe just some cash out on the side capitalize in a downward move the market it’s called shorting they teach a class specifically on it. It’s a 500 dollar value class we’re gonna give away the listeners right now you do not want to miss out on this we’re gonna take callers and the 25 pick up the phone right now or call 84451. Trade that’s 84451. Trait for callers ten to 25 to get a 500 dollar class. I’m short selling the market from online trading academy. That’s 844518718338445187233. For callers and 25 to get a 500 dollar class on shorting the market from online trading academy. Talk right at the campus you do not want to miss out on this if you’re concerned about a selloff you’re concerned about money that’s in the market you do not know how to capitalize you do not want to miss out on this opportunity for callers ten to 25. Pick up the phone call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 it trade is that a champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls advance that then that is all. Soledad the last little girl and I also work I bites head out like. Look at pretty good at seven vote seven hours on the boat at that. Absolutely absolutely and a good weekend etiquette for everybody you know everybody else dad was you know I set up some fireworks are gonna tell it was does little bet my house that was. It was almost primitive and exciting immediate measures that. Announced. I plead the fifth on all that. You know mr. wiggles relatively event though likely to catch a while a lot of golf course so you know it’s an it to seek time and let off fireworks wouldn’t. I was the only good I guess it’s a record deal I was there I was surrounded the mileage is in the mix and eyes. Nice to talk about variety of different things always have a good time here bulls the bears. Over it over to FaceBook it’ll I guess at Bulls and Bears radio and they give it time feel free got a question for the coach. Call ask the coach slide 877904. Trade but yet right now wanna talk about right different things. Lula focus in wanna talk about actually people that are trading the market people not want to trade the market there’s a lot of listeners out there. That always have the idea that you know essentially generating a second streaming comer utilizing the cast of and a savings account to trade in the market. A wanna talk about trading for income these are people that do it daily weekly monthly annual basis. They pull money out of market and Al lifestyle from that wanna talk about. Well and the great thing about it is it doesn’t take it’s not a money didn’t have any kind of. Consistent success I mean we talk about trading for income. Was about forty million trading accounts the United States no E*Trade Scott trade TD Ameritrade people that have. Gone on to the markets open an account fun and it started to click the button by himself trying to speculates that makes the money that’s why you do it I mean it’s profitability. And most of them are not successful because they really don’t have any kind of a plan in place or any kind of a system that’s. Consistent allows and a proffer regardless of direction we talked only about me in my price falls. This whole process built around being successful in the markets but it’s not a hard process it’s a simple system it’s just following a plan. And what’s great about that is that when somebody can really start to get they’re grounded. Understanding of the markets and really Stutz get some sort of consistent success it can start to steam roll flea stuff to get that compounding growth in your account. And so what I know about online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears is that. They TT ground up approach to the march level with the people community candidate they have no knowledge of how to be a trader investor. Lot of times and the commander will walk him through fun in the account opening account have a consistency making money regardless of direction how to make. Sure when you’re right you make a bigger winner when your wrong to think a small lost. There’s just some things that you have to understand and then the sky becomes a limit if you can get that consistency down the markets can generate. Just amazing blood itself weakened really ticket the next level. And I know when I can introduce a trading and investing back in 2000. I look it is a way to make an extra fifty bucks a week and if I could bring an extra couple hundred bucks a month those gonna help my family. We’ve gone through a tough season financially and we’re a really rough boat and we found a way to use the markets is studded generates a may come to study the transition to a more of a lifestyle. And so for many listeners. You think. Crater you think Gordon Gekko from know we Wall Street think the willful Wall Street you think the movie trading places that is not the picture of a traitor. Some of the most successful traders and investors that I know personally. You’d never know what they did for a living I mean they just make their money at home they go to the markets that may be spent an hour maybe an hour and a half a day in the markets. And they generate tremendous incomes from the markets because they have that plan they have that system down and it Billiton the point where. The markets providing an above average lifestyle and given in the freemen flexibility at that time freedom. That is shall put a lot of people so the markets can be such a great place to play. If you wanna generate income or cash flow is just a matter taken that step and alert in the steel and then now it’s just a matter of going to work well. They spent time commuting they spent time with family they spent time I’ll work. They spent time on hobbies I don’t play people like golf that terrible golf and get a paycheck across the money because that. And adds it to get a 23 hours a week and set aside to dedicate that generated this can generate that second streamer that there stream. In trading for income as a game changed a lot you’ll not of people that make it a good living. And they still traded additional streaming just have that accessory company doesn’t mean. Here you know it’s tough spot doesn’t mean that you know a year or you’re down and outages means that when it generates more money but the more money to the bottom line for the family. Why not use lies in the mark. The great and successful people are always looking for other ways to generate income in the markets are way simply did do it from your home. Without a lot of the complexities of running an extra business of punch a clock a second job. And really get that consistency down. Because that’s the steam all of a sudden greater and more dramatic as you get better and better at this deal exactly online trading academy class specifically on trading for income. Was it about this class of your brand new treaty never traded maybe all the money. You know get into the market don’t know where to begin this is a great class for you with a 500 dollar class. With a few easy giveaway we’re gonna take callers fifteen to 25 pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade at 844. Five what trait for callers fifteen to 25500. Dollar class and trading for income from our sponsor. Online trading academy at 844518. 718338445187233. For caller fifteen to 25 in the spot dollar class at the brink again if you’re brand new the marketers you’re in the market not having consistency you do not want to miss out on this opportunity as a class taught right at the campus of 500 dollar value pick the phone right now. 844. Five up one to trade for collar fifteen to 25 you do not want to miss out. Chip and a lot more to talk about your Bulls and Bears excited to Masada is opportunity get a 500. 844. 51. Trade does that have a chance bubbles of banners. And. Welcome back the bulls the bears that growth happens as you sit back we’ll look at the last thing with the guys and it’s barbecue brought any air. She’s barbecue live show meet up group did the help conduct this show heard on my treat academy in Roswell Georgia has this been a great great session it and I got a thing. Well it is exciting you know lots going on out their chance. Don’t forget if you listen and head over to FaceBook like as examples of Bear’s radio and of course as always you can call in any time 24/7. If your questions for senior coach. And asked the coastline at 87790. For trade and speed and asked the coach gets what time it is to him it’s time for ask the coach absolutely. Absolutely we’re gonna go from we’re gonna go over to ease. Georgia we’re gonna take Rick that’s that’s got cap and I believe is from the east part of cup captain. Hey Adam this is Rick and company cup. Actually have 41 came up and I’m trying to figure out how to protect it my keeping you guys thought about won’t manage. That’s a great question Rickie we get that a lot here Bulls and Bears and now it’s Wanda. Inherent problem with the 41 K is how do you protect. I mean the forward Kayla was originally created was supposed to be a savings account was not supposed to be an investment account. The supposed to supplement year pension and Social Security’s called the three legged retirement stool. But the referred to it as. And it was a forced savings account is essentially your employer withholding part of your salary. They called it a salary reduction plan was the original name of the actual forward K they changed the name because nobody wanted to participate in the cellar reduction plan. Imagine that so they changed the name of the forward K which is the iris tax code classification. And that councils in you savings account must be very low risk. Negligible risk position. You never a lot of outside as far as growth potential but the money stayed in the count. It had virtually no risk so when you retired you had that bucket of money sitting there. When pensions went by by which they did in their early seventy’s he’s done a kind of than it was writing became on the wall. And a lot of company started going away from parents because they couldn’t afford them anymore. The forward day which this was via savings account was busily ushered in as the replacement for pensions. And now became an investor account and the problem and Ricky that most people haven’t their forward gazes. They can’t protect I mean it’s very hard to do that now these things you can do. No one of the things you can do as you can weigh out the option of right you need to participate in the forward Kei and I know that’ll make their hair stand up on the back some peoples’ necks but you can set up and I our day. Take the same money that you putting the 41 K put into diary still of the same tax deferred status still of the same benefits of a 41 K. United getting the company match. But the reality is is this the company match a lot that is eaten up by the fees that you’re paying anyway and you can wait out Ricky need to figure out a mighty better served putting into an irate. Managing myself being able to profit whether it goes up or down which you can’t do before occasionally make money one direction price as the go higher. So that Obi wan alternative now to protect. The money into 401K what a lot of people do is they’ll settle but. Irate in addition to the 41 K Soviet contributing money into a 41 K. You can set up an IRA which is a separate account and you can utilize a lot of different things too protective hedge the positions that you have in the 401K. In other words there’s things like ETFs and options and futures that you could use Internet retirement bug that entire day. That would allow you to hedge against loss in the 41 case of the market collapsed. And you were in a four K position you wouldn’t take the full brunt of that loss because your higher at cal would support it sustained through that collapsed. And probably grow in value. Which means that you’d net out he was safe and protected so there’s a lot of things you can do one of the problems that’s inherent with the 41 K program richt is that. You know the cut the company doesn’t really care long term about your success in the Wall Street institutions that trustee of that account is managing your money. All they care about is getting their fees. And to the tune of about a 155000. Dollars in fees or over 25 year forward to a lifetime think about that. So you’re giving your money to somebody else is a forward Kate benefit beneficiary or holder. And every month that cup that 41 K accounts being managed by a Wall Street firm. And they’re gonna charge over 25 years a 155000. Dollars in fees to manage that money regardless whether they make you money or not. That’s a problem. And yet inherent problem of direction is that you can only profit or price goes up so you tedious setup a subsequent IRA. Imagine hedge against risk in the 41 K or you could opt out of a forward today. To set it affords that the money into an higher rates that’s a really take advantage of the market’s move in the direction and they’ll probably whether it goes up or down there’s a lot of things you can do Rick. Which you have to do is figure out what’s the best alternative for you we can’t give you advice here Bulls and Bears we could just ex explaining you what’s available. With available is. Opting out or potentially setting up a fund for retiree account decades subsequently a lie to protect the money that’s in the forward K. There’s a lot of things to do what’s key is that your at least looking at maybe an alternative because you see. The potential taken a big major moved out in the forward K you don’t want that to happen and I applaud you for that. Most of the masses out there they’re not even thinking about that on the market does correct in it will happen they’re gonna get hurt really badly. The fact you’re on the cutting it stricken looking for ways to protect and preserve shows that your least concerned about your money and we Bulls and Bears we love that so hopefully this helps you out. Do any we can’t help in the future. Thanks you call Rick absolutely Rick Kirby Scott you know chip that is ultimately it’s about paying attention. You say it all the time financial success requires you pay attention. And Rick obviously as the focus right now on figured out what are all those options. And ultimately understand it you’ve got to manage your money in on the average person doesn’t manage their money you have to sell direct you got to take control that’s what Rick’s look at the deal. Online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears. They too understand and individuals to manage their own money dates you need to take control of whatever type assets and maybe it is a 41 K a year and higher rate and that’s what have a class itself directing your retirement understand how to take control just like what Rick is look at that you. How to take it for all of your own retirement accounts 401 k.s diaries of self directed there’s a 500 dollar class it’s not right at the campus. Every time we give it away Euro Bulls and Bears the phones light up you do not want to miss out on us as a 500 dollar class itself directly pick up the phone call. 84451. Trade at 84451. Trait for cost and the twenties to get this 500 dollar class specifically on. So directing your portfolio for online trading academy. At 84451. Trade 8445187233. For callers to and its want to get his 500 dollar class. Against him as always it’s great when we have the questions for the coach you’re free to call any time and asked the coach but right now I do not want to miss out on this self directed and our class 84451. Trade does that champ bubbles and banners. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears that are housed at the Disco and with the collapse solid it’s time to deal with the way. The carnival atmosphere here it is it is the don’t forget to head over to FaceBook. Lite gets at bulls the bears. Radio and in time feel free to call it ethnic coached. A question 24/7. 87790. For trade at school every watt and medial and a bond bulls and there that and if you end up on the show we give him as a prize package in some angles shots he’s in such wags so. It’s a lot of fun it’s that that’s really pick it up all over the country so we’re excited about that new. Session of Bulls and Bears absolutely champ talking about a variety of different things one of the things that we try to get in. Couple times a month as understanding that. There’s people out there that are that that this you’ll work jobs there’s people that are you know working nine to five there in the grinder Mary the kids. And they want something different they want something different out alive they want different finances they want a different atmosphere they wanted to work. And a lot of people don’t realize that you turned the market. As a business treating as a business is done all the time for people you know people that live off the market and of people while the market was take a moment let’s talk about what does that look like for someone to truly traders. With the American dream man I mean think about it. This is the land of opportunity yet it’s become a land of a secure jobless benefits. Because that’s how most people treated. Understand some folks 5% of a country owns the businesses that employ the 95%. But if you won in 95% or somebody else somebody’s building a business and utilizing you do as part of the resources to grow their equity. And so a lot of people come in this country they immigrate here for an opportunity. And that means starting a business and if you think about it. Most small businesses. The real problems that people run into you are always costs. Labor all the different variables that make up a small business and a lot of a big headaches I mean you know the somebody driving down the road right now some contractor. You know you’ve got your own business and you’ll do business in the business owns you. Essentially you you’re the last one paid and you try to make enough money to cover yourself and daily staff and pay yourself and editing and you do. And it’s really really tough grind and most businesses don’t make it imagine if you could start a business on Shuster literally. With less than five grant and you could start a business that generates income when you’ve got a better not because his ways that we can trade the financial markets. And profit just from price movement whether upper we can be sleet and make money we collect the job money kind of jokingly and our world. And you could have a business would no overhead of personal told me that I should sector has seen over it but low overhead low capital. No employees no workers cardinal building at least no liability insurance most the half let me think of that. That’s a dream and I can generate you as much income as potentially available and that’s what’s great is is no cap on the upside that’s trading and investing. And so we treat this like a business we approached the markets from a business standpoint. And then we structured as a business would you take all the associated tax deductions it’s a no brainer. And so what we love about the markets is that if you treat this like a business. And function as a business in viewed as a result and that can be game changer that can be life altering for it’s happened many of us so don’t lose the dream. Don’t get caught in the fact that you know a lot well never going to be a business owner. You know I am not gonna take advantage of the capitalist system this is still the greatest country in the world to change your class in other words the change you from one economic situation to another. You can do in America and the financial markets are great way to do it just a matter taken a step in learn the skill and off to races. Absolutely trade as a business is something someone can learn while working a full time job at some that they can do on the side. They viewed as a part time business into Iran as a full time business champion talked about a little over an avid Internet and a computer. Have with the money to trade a lot of people have 51020000. Dollars and in a checking account. Savings account is not doing anything form that money should be making money for you truly trade as a business online trading academy teaches a class specifically on. Treating as a business is a 500 our class and every time we give away your apples and there’s the phones light up we’re gonna take callers 125. You don’t want to miss out on this pick the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that date for 451 trade cost and its 45 feet of 500 art class and trading as a business from our sponsor. Online trading academy 84451878233. For colors tend to 25 to get this 500 dollar class again if you bring into the market or you want to utilize the market as a second streamer mainstream income. This is the class for you. 84451878233. That’s 844518. Said he 233. Sampling analog on on as always appreciate your time this week Casey by the glass always take care everything force. Again you do don’t wanna miss out it’s class 84451. That trade is that a champ fumbles in bears.

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