As city, state, transportation, and oil company officials are constantly saying, there is no gas shortage in the state of Texas or in any particular city. Individual gas stations are out of gas because of a hysteria caused by consumer panic.

If you don’t need gas, then you shouldn’t be gassing up because you’re keeping people who actually need the gas from having access to it.

Thankfully, GasBuddy has a list of gas stations in San Antonio that still have fuel:

You can download the app here for iOS and here for Google Play.

It looks like plenty of stations have gas until you see the map of the stations that don’t and you see exactly how far the hysteria has gone with consumers in San Antonio:

Valero says that their refineries in East Texas will be back to full operation in a matter of days and gas companies are already distributing gas across the state over the weekend.

Experts offering their best advice say that if you don’t want to add to the hysteria or contribute to higher prices, don’t fill up your tank unless you’re running on empty.

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