Indy Fitness Magazine aims to improve the city’s health ranking

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The city of Indianapolis ranks 48 out of 50 in this year’s American Fitness Index Report, a study examining overall health in the 50 most populated metro areas. It’s an improvement from the past couple years, when Indys was ranked dead last.

When Jeremy McGrew saw articles about his city’s ranking, he knew he wanted to do something.

“I take a lot of pride in our city, I love living here and the people are great, but that’s just unacceptable,” McGrew said.

McGrew and his friend Ryan Striebel decided to create a free resource to help Hoosiers, called “Indy Fitness Magazine.”

“We started going to visit new gyms, trying them out, writing reviews,” McGrew said.

Along the way, they discovered new spots, like Iron Valley Barbell.

The 24-hour gym has only been open about a year and a half, but owner and competitive power lifter Zach Homol says they’ve already become a destination gym.

“We’re going for that rustic old school feel, we want a little grit,” Homol said.

“People come from out of town, they sign the board — here we have people from 40 states, four countries. Those people came to this building to experience the atmosphere and its contagious, when you get here the positivity rubs off on you,” Homol said.

From working out, to recovery, the founders of Indy Fitness Magazine wanted to show every resource, and featured “A Better You Wellness.” The business puts all kinds of recovery services under one roof, like Cryotherapy, float tanks and Normatec sessions.

ABY Co-owner John Miles says he knows, first hand, how these sessions can make a difference in your health.

“I used to weigh about 370 pounds and I’ve lost about 140 pounds total now,” Miles said.

He says small changes in diet and exercise started to work, but body aches and joint pain discouraged him, until he found these types of recovery services and decided to help open up a local business of his own.

“There’s people out there who are hopeless who think it’s impossible and then they see someone who used be 370 pounds, and I’m not anymore — it’s a thing anyone can do, especially with these kind of tools,” Miles said.

McGrew says that concept is the purpose for Indy Fitness Magazine: Showing all the options the city has to offer.

“There are tons of resources in Indianapolis, people just haven’t heard about them or taken advantage of them.,” McGrew said.

McGrew says their website launched in January, but they’ve already reached more than 26,000 unique visitors. Next week, they’re launching a new platform on the site with new tools, including software that can help you find the perfect local gym to match your style. Fore more information on Indy Fitness Magazine, click here.


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