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KOTA KINABALU: Institut Sinaran has launched its education fund to help students who get good results but cannot afford to continue their studies.

Its Board of Governors chairman Fong Tet Kong said that there are many who are unfortunate and could not continue their higher education despite getting excellent results.

“Due to this we lose potential teenagers who could have become a great leader or scientist with further education,” Fong said and disclosed that the fund’s objective is to help some of these youngsters to continue their education at Institut Sinaran and develop their potential to be valuable assets to the country and world.

“To kick off, we are pleased to announce that we have accumulated a total of RM134,500 as of last week for the education fund. We are grateful for the donations received and we shall continue to seek for further support from generous donors who are passionate with the future of our young generations as well as the future of Sabah,” he said.

The launching of the fund was done at Institut Sinaran’s 30th anniversary celebration yesterday which was officiated by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

Fong in his speech said they have spent 30 years in making what Institut Sinaran is today, an institute with a vision that prioritizes the holistic development of its students to prepare them to be leaders in their chosen field.

“We plan to expand our programs by offering courses in business, entrepreneurship and IT fields. We will also seek for new partnerships with reputable local and foreign universities to offer more educational opportunities for our students as well as setting up an English language centre that will improve the standard of English proficiency skills for local students and foreign learners.

“We are certain that having a multinational campus would certainly raise the bar for cultural exchange and interaction among the Sinaran community,” he said.

Fong disclosed that since its establishment three decades ago, Institut Sinaran has been a leading provider of internationally recognised and holistic education in Sabah.

Its alumni are found in all corners of the world, achieving success and recognition in their respective fields and professions, he said, adding that some came back to teach the younger generation.

“Some went on to serve our country like Major Patricia Yapp who is serving in the Royal Malaysian Air Force as a member of the Smokey Bandits aerobatic display team and currently holds the world record as the first woman to become a qualified fighter pilot to fly the Russian-made MiG29N.

“There are also those who pursued a career in the field of science and succeeded like Dr Set Sze Yen who was a distinguished alumnus of 1989. He is the lead inventor of the carbon nanotubes short-pulsed laser in 2003 and is now based in Japan. In the music industry we have Roger Wang who graduated in 1992 and is now Malaysia’s most renowned finger style master guitarist,” Fong disclosed.

According to him the theme for Institut Sinaran’s 30th anniversary celebration is ‘Nurturing Entrepreneurship through Holistic Education’ as today, it is not merely academic excellence that will sustain people.

Another dimension of skill is required and entrepreneurship is one of them, he said, adding that as part of the celebration, they organised the ‘Pitch Sinaran’ where students  got to experience the process of being an entrepreneur.

Over a period of two weeks, the students were guided by experienced professionals as mentors to teach them about product conception, gestation, refinement and promotion based on a disciplined and structural approach he said.

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