Intuit adds VR to recruitment efforts

Dive Brief:

  • Financial technology firm Intuit has started using virtual reality (VR) technology as part of its hiring process, reports Fast Company. So far, it’s working out well and enabling the company to identify top talent much faster. 
  • After receiving negative feedback from candidates, the company decided to improve its hiring process to include more streamlined candidate assessments, better presentations and VR features that are in line with the company brand. 
  • Sherry Whiteley, Intuit’s chief people officer, says that the new process facilitated by VR allows candidates to present their ideas and participate in open dialogue and challenges with the recruiter — a process that eliminates bias in many cases. Many candidates are hired immediately following VR sessions. 

Dive Insight:

VR in recruiting foretells a fairly exciting future for talent solutions. While it is based in a virtual world that allows immersion into future job tasks and scenarios, it also becomes fun and personalized for candidates.

The technology can also introduce prospective employees a workplace’s culture, something that a traditional interview may fail to do.

VR is still in its infancy but candidate feedback may be telling. There are certainly key advantages to seeing candidate behavior in action, however. It can help recruiters see beyond standard assessments to the core of each candidate, so they can identify those who have the ability to think on their feet — and, in the long term, hire a more diverse workforce.

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