Ireland warns of threat of UK-US trade war

The US’s planned 209 per cent tariff on Bombardier could serve as a lesson for the UK government over its trade vulnerabilities after Brexit, the Irish taoiseach has warned.

Speaking ahead of a summit of the EU’s leaders in Tallinn, Leo Varadker said the White House’s move against Bombardier raised the possibility of a US and UK trade war rather than a free trade deal between the two countries.

“It could well turn out to be a lesson for the United Kingdom” said Mr Varadker.

“There’s been a lot of talk of a new trade deal between the UK and the US and how great that would be for the UK but we are now talking about the possibility of a trade war between UK and US”.

“The episode showed that “every country in the EU is a small country”, said the Irish leader. “We are stronger together as a trading bloc”.

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