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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry canning its personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I’m your host Adam it’s just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited so many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401 k.s ire raised in any cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio talk to them give them a call 888. 7508723. At 888. 7508723. As always in studio coast of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy. A friend of mine and that reminds you to coach Steve champ what’s going nuts yeah yeah that’s the weekend and lots of talk about a lot of move in the market as we’ve got a big sell off round Wednesday the Dow fell over 200 points. Can arrive a little bit later in the week but. But just a lot of signs in the cases that may be where top and out here maybe the correction is imminent. So get have a discussion about capital preservation Lotta people are sit in 41 K positions and they’re really. Have unlimited risk. In a market that’s battered near record high and ultimately we believe we’re gonna have a significant move down we got to get the people prepared for that because the Morrison Megan might even give it back that is not the solution that is not the key to long term success absolutely not as always you know head over to FaceBook like guests at Bulls and Bears radio. And of course and any time during the show anytime during the week. If you have a question for senior coach feel free to call the coach hotline at 877904. Trade. That’s 877904. Trade via a question for you seem to coach Steve Chia yen and we’ve been really get a lot of great questions later a lot of people for one k.’s worried about. The direction of the market just. Asking what their alternatives are with a can possibly do to protect against loss though. It really helps a lot of listeners when you do call the coastline so feel free to call any time man will help in if we picture question on air. Then we got some nice give sway as well some things from Bulls and Bears and a sponsor I’m entered academy as well absolutely that number’s 87790. Portrayed cult when he force evident that. Champ talking about a variety of things once things we got to go into right now I mean this world. They globally things are happening and all over the place we got hurricanes going now we have fires going now we have countries that are shooting rockets off I mean. This is uncharted waters we’ve never been in this situation my heart and prayers go out to a lot of people out there. A lot of people when it comes to finances right now are concerned about where this market’s gonna go in this market turn is gonna hurt a lot of people. We have to talk about how to preserve one’s wealth at a time like this. Well obviously hurricane armor coming through. And affecting a lot of the Conner only US what’s important is understandings that. We talk about finances in the financial markets lots as we can see in advance. Candlelight with arcane armory and have a chance to do something before. The inevitable happens and we talk about the 41 k.’s and people that their higher raise the retirement accounts. No there’s a lot of things that we can do to protect against disaster and ultimately disaster means something might happen in 2008 when the bottom fell out of the markets. Now just because the market went down doesn’t mean it’s a disaster because they’re people that profited from that moved down price. But the masses traditionally give back all their gains and take huge losses when we get a collapse in the market or correction. Or call for that we see the writing on the wall we see death. We see the arcade on the Atlantic so to speak just to kind of give him metaphor of if we know it’s common we can hunkered out of wood to protect preserve against Los we can’t prevent it from happening. Or can do is be prepared Ford I think. Many of the listeners have to get prepared for significant move down the broad market the S&P the Dow the Russell. All the US indexes because most of them are in for one case and most of the foreign case this country they tracked the performance of the US stock market. So we got to market’s overvalued. Its atom near record high of all time high. And ultimately it can only go one a couple of direction of the golden hired and obviously no tree grows to the sky we have to be conscious that. It is at a record high and if we get that’s significant move down that correction we’re values come into the right area because the all these stocks overvalued. Then there’s going to be a lot of blood in the streets a lot of people forward he’s gonna give that money back. And so this things we can do to protect and preserve against loss. Even in the 41 K or and I area castor and any other tepid trading are resting cows but ultimately we have to understand capital preservation because. One of the things my mr. Tommy years ago we don’t manage risk will have no risk to managed and it’s time now for many of the listeners to start to prepare for that. Moved down because it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter win. Exactly champ and if somebody’s out there and here in a 41 K or IRA and you’re exposed to the market be if the market goes up you make money in the market that you lose money. If we’re get ready for at a modest or humble and say let’s just say at 10120% correction on a 100000 dollars at 1020 grand. And there’s people out there listen to this and have a lot more than that they got 34500000. Dollars at stake. And they’d they don’t wanna lose 203040%. And those are the individuals that need to focus. But also the people that have you know smaller counts 102030000. Dollar counts just because you don’t have a huge pile wealth doesn’t mean you wanna give up 2030%. You gotta be protected you gotta be ready got to know what to do. Well it’s all relative or whatever counselors you have a percent loss of the percent loss in its. It’s the same for everybody and the key thing is is that there’s things that we can do to protect against that loss in advance. I mean if you’re in a forward Kei won an inherent problems with the forward k.’s that you really don’t have a lot of opportunities to make money when the market goes down you profit when Lamar goes higher. And it goes down either give those gains back. Or use sit on the sidelines and don’t participate you go to cash we go to bonds and that’s sometimes a good alternative but it’s not the best. And so this things that we can do to preserve capital things like using exchange traded funds ETFs. Which are baskets of stocks that we can take advantage of movement in either direction of the market. There’s things that we can do an IRA accounts to be able to take advantage of moves down or at least protecting hedge against lost one of the most important aspects of understanding risk management and capital preservation is how to hedge in other words. How can I have a basket of mutual funds. In my forward cannot connect protect against loss if the market collapses while tradition you can’t. But this things you can do subsequently outside of that 41 K to protect against loss inside that forward Kate. You can set up additional counts the so many ways to protect and preserve in a market in all market conditions. That the masses don’t understand that if they don’t really start to understand the gonna give the gains back again. And it would have another 2008 on our hands and that’s what a lot of people lost 4050% of their nest egg. In a move down on the broad market wealth we have that happen again which there’s a lot of people predicting that’s gonna happen can you afford to give it back again. And the answer is no and so there’s things we can do to protect and preserve of capital the key thing is understand that we have to take some sort of action. And that ultimately. Figured out what’s gonna be the best alternative strategy for us to protect our bucket of money because we don’t learn the skills now. We’re gonna give it all back we might never get our goals we if we don’t achieve that capital preservation in advance. Exactly or Gaza how much or how little you have you don’t wanna give up a you know 1020% a year portfolio. Online trading academy understands that people don’t wanna lose money but yet there in the market they don’t know how to protect the capital. That’s not have a class specifically on capital preservation it’s a 500 dollar value class. It’s not right at the campus and I’m excited I was able to get a handful these seats to give away we’re gonna take callers right now ten to twenty. Pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for 451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar Betty class. And capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy. Again the numbers 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade. For callers ten to twenty to get this 500. IRA if you’re concerned about the market correcting itself. You do not want to miss out on that you do not want to miss out on this pick up the phone 8445187233. That’s 844518. Seve to. 33 for callers to the twenty get this 500 dollar class a capital preservation of our sponsor online trading academy does that mean Champa Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls bears this. Nothing screams wealth intelligence and Sampras. Absolutely absolutely don’t forget to head over to FaceBook. Like as at Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time during the show you a question for senior coach call the coach outline. At 877904. Trade. That’s 877904. Trade get a good question coming up we’ll delay yeah Mary from Atlanta a great question on a 41 K she’s moving jobs what to do so I’m excited Libya will hopefully help some of the other listeners as well. Absolutely champ one of the things we talk about every single week here a Bulls and Bears. The market goes up the market goes down we know that the general public knows how to make money in an upward move in the market I wanna take a few minutes I wanna talk about. A downward move in the market vis a lot of people organ ready for the selloff a lot of people are concerned about the selloff. It’s really great opportunity those firm who know how to make money to short the mark well the prop. Is is the masses think it up as Gooden down as bad if you talked of virtually everybody listening to us right now he knew Assam if the market goes down as that a good day did say no. Yet the reality is is that the market to zero sum game which means that for every dollar made as a doll lost so if you lose today. Because the market went down somebody may. Well vice Versa. No my meant to always subbing no matter how thin you slice it there’s always two sides. And so the problem is is that most people informed case that’s the kind of the inherit philosophy in this country that’s of the masses do they put money for kids and is a good decision. But it is a decision many people make. And ultimately the only money one direction because Euro. Purchasing mutual funds on a biweekly basis traditionally every fourteen days you might take you out of your 401K accounts. But take it out you check rather your paycheck goes to buy shares of mutual funds in your 41 K account. And it buys at whatever price it’s that so it has no indication as to whether I should be a buyer so does price despise that whatever prices said it’s the highest price in history. So many of you right now are buying at the highest price in history. Which I love itself was a really bad decision. And yet you automatically set up to do that because that’s what America does and the problem America doing that is that. If the market collapses or goes down everybody loses. So those forward K counts could crush who we think back to 2008. When the S&P fell almost 50% the average forward K fell about 50%. So you lose in a down market. Yet where does that money go when we talk about the collapse of oh wait they talk about the largest transfer of wealth. In the history of the financial markets did you catch that transfer of wealth but worth the money was a loss. Whose transfer another was it what was lost on your account. But it went to Goldman Sachs and a citadel go to try to securities as some savvy trader investor somebody who understands how to make money when the market false. The key thing is this the most successful traders and investors they don’t care about direction. Up is good down as good but you talk to the masses they think down as bad and that’s a lie that’s alive who helped Wall Street that’s misinformation. Some of the most successful traders and investors even people like us. People that don’t work for hedge fond of Goldman Sachs or some big institution somewhere we can profit on a move down in price just as easily isn’t Kara move up in price. Seep one price moves his opportunity. The successful traders investors take that opportunity regardless of whether goes up or down. And that’s what separates the wheat from the chaff in the markets and if you don’t learn the skills to make money when the market goes down annual anybody with a heart goes up. You literally gotta to give all your profits back ultimately because you gonna run out of money and ultimately run out of time because. You don’t have enough trying to recover from the losses so short selling a making money and down moving the market is essential. To Elantra success and yet most of the people out there and then dated a world. Don’t understand it and that’s why we bang the drum here on Bulls and Bears try to get gender status of key element of your long term success. Well that’s one of the things this chip it’s the it’s Paramount in needs to be at the priority of your list if you’re going to be in the financial markets and you know the market goes up and down. Take the time to learn how to make money moat and up and down market now be like get in the cars and I’m practical in reverse you wouldn’t allow you wouldn’t do it it just sounds foolishness. In the financial markets people all the time they’re OK with only making money one direction when yet they know it goes up and down. And this next correction if some was not ready champ I’m not here to scare somebody. 3040%. Just like 2008 a lot of people are gonna lose that just by. You know not knowing what to do and those who now that capitalist right did gonna take debt 34% moved down in the at a profit from. And so we talk about shorting a short selling though the problem with the masses. The average person out there is they don’t understand shorting. They think it has some to do with time because the talk about short and has not into a time and has to do with selling something prior to falling in price now here’s the real. Disconnect it happened with a lot of people when they stop to try to. Understand what shorting a short selling really use. You’re selling something you don’t own. And that’s what people cut them lose it they say I don’t quite understand how can I sell something if I don’t own it well in the financial markets. When you open up a trading account say TD Ameritrade. And you decided to you can treat GE’s stock GE’s trading around 24 bucks a share. You wanna sell that stock now you believe it’s gonna go to twenties with a 24 right now. You believe that it’s gonna go to twenty and you want a profit from that for all moved down in price of the GE stock. Now you can go any brokerage account and you couldn’t sell the stock at 44 even though you don’t only it. That’s what shorting means we’re utilizing the brokers inventory of the stock to sell into the market at twenty foot all share. Another reason was selling 124 and we think it’s going to twenty. And if we sell the shares at 24 are broker sells it into the market on our behalf out of their inventory number was they own GE’s stock. They’re allowing us to sell their shares into the market at twenty foot all the share. Now what were required to do then because we’re now short the stock Wii shortage eased up we sold it out of our broke his inventory we’re quite a buyback. And replace it back and Barbara was inventory now what’s our goal what do buyback to twenty. There were able to buyback to twenty the moment when buyback it immediately goes reckon Barbara was inventories and instant transaction. Yet we get to keep the difference to what we sold it at 24. L we bought it back we call it cover in the short we bought back at twenty. She’s made for all the share in afford all moved down in the stock think about that. Direction becomes irrelevant we just need price to change one price changes his opportunity and that’s what separates the successful traders and investors from the people that don’t get it. And ultimately imagine this imagine either shorted the collapse of 2008 the S&P let’s say. It went down 50% Europe cal went up in part in profitability 50% in one move down in the markets. And the mass is lost in Utah took the money he understands some. The difference between successful traders and investors is simply understanding that. Direction doesn’t matter. Opens Gooden down as good when price falls as an opportunity but if you don’t understand how to make money when the price falls you’ll take advantage of that opportunity. So we bang the drum here Bulls and Bears about shorts on because we’re gonna have a significant move down the price of the S&P. And you can make money on that moved down sitting given it backing a 41 K simply by understanding short selling and putting that into your arsenal when you have that in there. You care about direction in the sky becomes a limit for. Exactly and any trader and investor that understands the market that it goes up and down. They understand that they need to be able to traded at investor boat up and down online trading academy teaches a class specifically on shorting the market. Your long term investor your short term trader either term. You’re gonna want to understand how to make money in a downward move. Does the class to right at the campuses the 500 dollar value I was able lean on our sponsor is able to get a few seats to give away. We’re gonna take callers right now fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that date for 451. Trade for callers fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class I’m shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. Again 84451878233844518. Sydney 233 for callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar class. You’ll 41 K and higher rate you’re concerned about the markets and often you want to capitalize and you wanna learn how to move that money around to take advantage of the move. Do not miss out on this 84451. Trade that 844. 51. To trade this is adamant champ Bob Bulls and Bears. Welcome back to pulls affairs bureau and it does go ahead of the blast. Enjoys time with the boys studio. Don’t forget to head over to FaceBook alike SF bulls or bears ready exists over the bloopers of the stuff that just happened in between the segments Thorman really hysterical. Go to FaceBook did absolutely I promise you you’ll laugh it’ll make your day if nothing else you’ll just become stupid we really are you get the the gallery really looks like a samples of Bear’s radio and the court today tiger the show and tell under the week got a question for senior coach. Call the coach hotline at 877904. Trade we got a call come a couple of them later for Mary in Georgia some excited about that. Chip right now wanna take a few minutes I wanna talk to move the listener. When explain analysts are that the financial markets are great place for a lot of different opportunity a lot of investors are in the market a lot of people that. You know traditionally use it to build well there’s nothing wrong with that. But on a smaller time frame there’s individuals that are out there traders and investors that like to trade and invest for income where they like to take that money out either on a weekly. Monthly or quarterly basis and use it. Have a better lifestyle to pay bills what now let’s take a moment let’s talk about. Treaty for income will be NC coach allied treaty can mean part of a global community traders what I find is that. Many of the students probably close to 300000 a 150000 around the world. They trade and invest in his spare time so they use the market is there’s a way to supplement their income make it careers are good businesses they get. Full time jobs and yet they’re using the financial markets the currency market the futures market the stock and options market. To bring some extra money on a monthly basis and it’s really great way for a lot of listeners if you’re looking system. It’s substantial. Extra income or it is a little extra income aside a kind of make ends meet the end of the month. The markets are great way to do it and you didn’t. Basically plug in on a shoestring you don’t it’s not a capital unit of Apollo money. Me a couple grand you can actually start to play consistently and maybe get some good returns I’ve students sit litter the goals and make fifty bucks a week. They can do that. They can make it bigger mixture to three grand a year that’s supplement your income that’s additional money that can cover. Tuition for somebody or extra bills or maybe a family vacation has a lot of things you can do in the markets. Take advantage of short term income opportunities. And it’s not a hard processor and a difficult is different just takes the steps of wanted to take action learn how to do it and then going into the game and seen we get that consensus that will look for if you can. Accurate being security game change thought people. Well a lot of people need that game changer you know the average the average family as one maybe two streams of income and if you asked that you know what would an extra 500. Or 700 dollars a month look like a lot of families would take an additional 500 dollars a month and that could be game changer in the neat thing is people have money all the time chip in you know this. Where’s a sit in a savings accounts and it’s checking accounts in a drawer. And it’s not making any money Foreman is really not doing the best you know is not in the best for well and you could use that might make some additional income. That’s key and the goal obviously is to have some sort of a system in place in. What I love about the academy is always somebody comes in looking for that extra she mean come in his spare time we created strategy in a system for them to follow. Which takes a lot of the emotion out decision allows and follow rules to stay consistent. And have good opportunities to make money based on a short term style of trading you know in and out maybe in a week or two weeks. Just look at a sell me your income. But ultimately if you get that consistency overtime issue on how to win the right way and how to take small losses when your wrong. I’ve seen life’s changes happen I mean we had a gentleman. Community academy he was a pizza delivery guy and this guy does look and as a supplement his income I mean he was hand to mouth paycheck to paycheck. He started understand the currency market which is a leverage market which allows a lot of people don’t have atomic apple to really start to get some good returns with a small account size. I wash is meant transition as life over three or four years and literally stuck with no knowledge. And with a very small amount of money and he was able to transform his life so. There’s a lot of opportunities that the markets provide force the problem is that many of the listeners don’t know successful traders investors we don’t have the pick sure one looks like in our mind because we know have been around one. Maybe the picture we have is from Hollywood of a movie that we saw our baby some documentary on traders and investors. And what I love is that the most successful chair is impresses that I know. They’re just normal people who take advantage of the market and a few maybe an hour David half hour day. Take advantage of price movement direction doesn’t matter we spoke about that earlier. And they’re able to get a consistency overtime and they can make that money. From the comfort of their own home which is a huge benefit to a lot of film because that ethical punch a clock somewhere else to bring that extra she may income. Well exactly what you said you know be able to do it for the covered your own home as the game changer for a lot of fuel because people are looking. For additional revenue streams and using the market using the money that you RD earned is a great way to do it online trading academy they have a class specifically on treaty for income. What I love about this classes takes the individual does nothing about trading and investing. And allows a dental plan put in place for miso they have an idea how to get started how to begin. And how even figure out how much capital begin with an online trading academy this is a 500 dollar class taught at the campus. I was only able to get a few seats to give away and I’m gonna take collars right now we’re gonna do callers ten to twenty you do not want to miss out on this 500 dollar opportunity. For a class on trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers tended twenty to get a 500 art class specifically on trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy. That’s 8445187233. 84451878233. Our callers tenets when he get this 500 dollar class specifically on trading for income again if you brand new the market you’ve been in the market for years and you’re not having that consistency. And taking the money out the market the way you want this is the class three of the 500 dollar value talk right at the campus feel the phone call 84451. Trade that date for four. 501 that trade this is adamant champ a Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that heroes adamant Cisco’s that are out at the blast I was good time with the boys here Bulls and Bears. Don’t forget to head over to FaceBook like guess at Bulls and Bears radio and of course and any time. During during the day during the week he got a question for senior coach called coach hotline 87790. Ford trade ins via the coach outlined champ. This week we got a great call from oh Mary in Atlanta Georgia. I eat could marry me. I’m in the Atlanta market. Questioning and regarding a while I’m appalled that ’cause then rallying as well. A fourteen year period. And has mapped. Our Ed dream. Opportunity. And employment and find out what the options are or I will let her one person would leave that company. And what the options are for creating a new. For a Latin for the new company. Which is a self and pulling. Martyr bit that. He. Well thank you Mary that’s a great question Lotta people have that question you’ve got to forward K with the same company for fourteen years. And you match your contribution to that account you’ve had some growth of the last handful years nothing since oh wait it’s and so wait we’ve had straight up movement in the market so I’m sure it’s. It’s grown since then. And you’ve left that place of employment you’re starting your own company your own business I applaud that you being entrepreneur great job out there and what to do that money. Well you could study to a roll over immediately roll over simply means that you’re taking that money out the 41 K. And putting into a another tax deferred retirement accounts up and you don’t have to pay taxes on it’s a year. At least 59 and a half when you start to take distributions you don’t have to take distributions until you’re seventy and half. Seeking Kana forego that pic which is gonna serve you best as you get in those later years he stuck to take that money out for retirement money. But what I would recommend is actually do a roll over get out federal forward case specially with the market. Near record high and traditionally the money in their 401 k.s in mutual fund positions which are baskets of stocks. And we get the correction we’ve been can’t afford you could really take a significant downward move in the value of that account if you hold it. So it’s time to maybe do a roll over. You can rolled into an IRA you can grow into a sap which is a self employed temporary retirement account there’s a lot of things you can do. The key element is this. You have a great time where you can learn how to self direct this money in other words. If you dual role of any kind into set or on traditional wire a you can now start to make decisions within that bucket of money in other words. You can make money regardless of the direction of the market and one of the things that were big proponents of your Bulls and Bears is you learning the skills of self directing that money. You’ve had that money in a 41 K for fourteen years and we’ve had some good up would movement in the price of the market last few years. But through 2008 you probably got hurt really badly in that account. And you had to recover from that lost and as we’re talking an earlier sessions when the key elements as long term success in the retirement accounts is preserving capital. And now that you have that ability to put this into an account we can self directed not towards make the decisions that what happens around that money in that retirement account on your own. You can position yourself to protect against loss in other words if we get a significant move down the S&P you’ll get crushed like you would to traditional 41 K. So one of the key elements is understate that when you self direct that money to control that money in a role of you don’t have a tax consequence so you want to worry about getting the tax hit next year because you took. Distribution on that account usually a roll over. But I am gonna for propose to you and I’m gonna push you a little bit learn the skills a self directed that money’s put a 41 K somewhere else and put on a minute with somebody else. And they have you and mutual funds you’re still gonna get crushed in a Dow move the market we can’t afford that. The market is gonna eventually corrected you wanna be prepared for that city to protect against lost more portly marry even grolier count when the market collapses. So putting it into an IRA or sap will give you the ability to make decisions that bucket of money. You won’t have to pay somebody all those fees that are inherent in a 41 K account. A lot of experts who say they Yost easily eat up anywhere to 50% of your profitability in the account over time. Go to cover the fees so there’s a lot of statistics out there they’ll they’ll show you the value of learning the skills of self drinking yourself. And once you learn those skills of self correcting you now can grow the market you can grow they count regardless of direction of the market more importantly. You can protect him preserving a significant downward move in the market so. I’m a big part of that we are Bulls and Bears there’s a lot of these can do you can do a roll over immediately into something that we believe you should learn the skills of self directing. And once you have that process down and you put that behind you. Now you don’t care bowl with the market as you can property in either direction and more importantly. You don’t get crushed in a collapse of the S&P because you’ve learned the skills of preserving capital as well so hopefully that helps you merry look forward Ian thanks so much for asking a question this week. Absolutely and you know what people always ask you are they good person to sell interact while. If you could use a computer if you didn’t if you can move the mouse around if you understand basic math you should be able to sell direct because ultimately nobody cares more about your money that you. Therefore you should let anyone else handle your money should absolutely handle your money I personally chip and you do too. You know what you somebody’s young in their late teens that are all the way up until you know until they’re not here anymore they should measurement all the 41 K was never meant to be an investment account is meant to be a savings account. And the problem is people use it as a pension replacement and it’s not supposed to be that. It’s supposed to be a savings account technically and the problem is is that in America we’ve accepted as a pension. And other all the exorbitant fees go along with a and the directional movement yet to make money in one direction you can’t meet in the other direction. And that’s a travesty which is why we believe that you learned itself direct you basically you suffer a much better spot absolutely an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on self directed. And this is somebody’s been in the market for twenty or thirty years and you let someone else manager maybe you’re new to the market you wanna handle yourself. This is a 500 dollar value its talk right at the campus Allen a few seats to give away we’re gonna take callers. Ten to twenty pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers to and its wanted to get a 500 dollar class. I’m self directing your portfolio from online trading academy that’s 84451878233. For callers to 120. 84451878233. For collar stint at twenty to get this 500. From online trading academy you do not want to miss out on this he did not have any consistency if you’re tired of paying the fees earned a managing yourself 844. 51. Trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that goes to add the Cisco’s sit back have a good time. Having a blast studio with the boys. Thought it looked about everything but as always head over to FaceBook lite guests. At bulls or bears radio and of course and anytime you’re the show during the week got a question for senior coach call the coach outline. 877904. Trade. Jim talked about a variety of things one things a lot of people don’t realize that the financial markets is a great place to. You know traded invested a lot of times entry investing could turn into lucrative business for yet a lot individuals don’t understand how to begin. To set this up truly as a business in the financial markets understand that trading is a business if you do the right way there’s to be consistency they’ll be some profits. Chip let’s take a moment was talked it was or why on earth would someone trade as a business. Well first of all it’s the land of opportunity and so a lot of people don’t take advantage of that relegate. And yet the people do take him into that small business owners in this country your people that grow large companies obviously. They have to risk they have to go into the game they have to understand you know all the elements of what if this were sort of doesn’t work at them a plan in place. And the problem is that is a lot of traders and rushes out there that don’t approach the financial markets that same way there and have a plan in place. To ensure long term growth and profitability. And like any good business plan as a trader rescued wanna function as a business. Have a plan in place and more importantly. Get all the benefits of running and having your own business one of the most important aspects of being self employed is that ability to enjoy your income and have no limit on the upside you know when somebody has a job. They have to go for six month review and have to ask her pay increase or raise. Few of a business you can basically write your own ticket now. Obviously yet to be successful and most businesses don’t make it they fail and that’s what caused a lot of we will not the start of is what think about this is a business opportunity. Medvedev visits we had no customers mowers. Nobody had to deal about a daily basis no workers’ comp no employees. No inventory. Very low overhead. No leases. No low low capital investments. You have to worry about. The liability insurance or housing a product court inventory any of that think of that the people have a business that had no limit on the profitability. It yet didn’t have any of those headaches a traditional businesses have. That’s the financial markets that’s treating as a business. And what I love is that some of the most successful traders that I met of people that. Started businesses had good success saw the ability to have that same kind of success here as an investor or trader. Without a lot of additional headaches or people have had failed businesses. That still had that fire and that dream to build something as an entrepreneur and grow some they would no limit on the upside. They love the markets as the business and more importantly somebody just look at a supplement their life. Know the markets can be so much if you understand how to approach them and we talk about treating as a business it’s built around. The American dream capitalism the free market and we can enter this arena of trading as a business. With a very low monuc capital not have any of those judicial headaches of a business workers Kabul overhead liability insurance employees also the stuff. It yet still be Colorado our own ticket that’s the dream. And that’s what the financial markets office to people if they understand how to play. And so trading as a business becomes essential because if you ever wanted to have a business that gives you long term equity and give you the ability to make money would you work or not. The financial markets are great place to play is just a matter of understanding that’s available. And then taken steps to take action exactly entry. As a business is a great opportunity there’s a lot of people out there that wanted to start a business they don’t know where to begin. They don’t even realize how much or how little capital required board or how much time required Ford and online trading academy as a class specifically on treating as a business. It’s a 500 dollar value classes taught right at their campus it allows the individual has a business mindset that maybe they don’t know how to start a business or where to get started when it comes of the financial markets. It allows them to get their foot in the door to see how this actually works is a 500 dollar value I got a few c.s to give away. Our sponsors are able to take a caller from fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade a date for 451 trade for callers fifteen to thirty. He’s a 500 dollar class on treaty as a business from our sponsor. Online trading academy 844518. Seve to 33 that’s 8445187233. For callers fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class on trade as a business from our sponsor online trading academy. Once again 84451. Trade at 844. 51. Trade it’s been a great week here bulls or bears chip always appreciate you appreciate the time and again for cost fifteen to thirty pick up the phone unified Iraq class on trade as a business 844. 51. Trade is that a champ Bob Bulls and Bears.

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