ISKA WARRAN Somali Conference on Employment, Entrepreneurship and Integration Concluded in Turku, Finland

TURKU, Finland (Horn Observer) Experts, government representatives, researchers, and Somali Entrepreneur from Finland and abroad, gathered a two day Iska Warran Conference in Turku to debate Employment, Entrepreneurship and integration among Somali community living in Living by highlighting the challenges and the opportunities.

The conference mainly reflected the status of the Somali community in Finland, its challenges and opportunities, according to the organizers.

Abdishakur Ali and Sagal Mohamoud Ali from the Somali Association of Western Finland, who were the organizers of the conference said the conference had especial significance for the Somalis living in Finland.

During the conference, it was presented the data of the number of Somalis living in Finland, whether they were born in Finland or immigrated or living as asylum seekers.

Wali Hashi, a renowned Somali journalist and one of the founders of Forgiveness campaign hosted event on Tuesday evening in a gala dinner in the old town of Hall, where Somali music and cultural events were presented.

Somali politicians who were representing various city councils in Finland also attended the conference, praising the Somalis living in Finland for the successes. This year’s election in Finland alone, 12 Somalis were elected into the various city council members in Finland.

The conference was first organized last year at the eastern border town of Lieksa with the purpose of holding the conference annually  on a new town with the help of the respective city councils and this year’s conference was held in Turku, Finland between 17-18 August with theme, Employment, Entrepreneurship.

ISKA WARRAN conference will be held in Helsinki next year, the organizers said.

By: Xaan Kaafi Maxamed Xalane in Turku, Finland

Photo Credit: 
Xaan Kaafi Maxamed Xalane

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