‘I’ve had a lot of very strong advocates’

Lorna Martyn was appointed the head of technology with Fidelity Investments in Ireland earlier this year.

Lorna Martyn has had a long career with Fidelity Investments, starting as a common services program manager back in 2004.

Over the subsequent years, Martyn rose the ranks within the company and was appointed the head of technology at Fidelity Investments Ireland in May of this year.

“I’ve had quite a number of different opportunities within Fidelity both here in Ireland and in the US,” she told Siliconrepublic.com at Inspirefest earlier this year.

“Prior to coming to Fidelity, I worked in financial services, in banking and I also worked in telecommunications as a consultant,” she said. Martyn said the skills she learned both over the years in Fidelity and in her other roles have helped her in her new role.

However, her interest in technology actually began long before her professional life, when her mother signed her up for a coding course at age 12.

“I spent a couple of weeks in a classroom learning to write BASIC on a BBC Micro with 12 boys and I was absolutely hooked after that.”

She also said mentors and coaches have been extremely important to her career development. “I’ve been very fortunate from early stages to have a lot of very strong advocates.”

With the changes and increasing pressures on financial services, technology has become an essential part of the industry.

“The landscape is really, really interesting at the moment,” said Martyn. “If you look around geopolitically across the world, things are changing a lot and it’s a huge change in terms of regulatory landscape.”

Martyn said Fidelity Investments constantly has to evolve its development methodologies to shorten cycle times, collaborate more and understanding its business clients’ problems more in order to turn around solutions more quickly.

She also said her team works a lot with Fidelity Labs, the company’s internal research organisation to look emerging technologies.

“We’re very fortunate,” said Martyn. “We’re very representative of the larger Fidelity organisation worldwide and we’re working in a very, very rich ecosystem.”

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