Jennifer Aniston shuns social media to stay sane | Entertainment

Jennifer Aniston won’t use social media for the sake of her “sanity”.

The ‘Cake’ actress believes people spend far too much time with screens that they miss out on looking after themselves properly and also looking at the world around them.

She said: “Any hardworking job that demands a lot of your time, whether you’re running a corporation or you’re an actor or a mom full-time, 24-7, it’s all about trying to find the balance and the time to refuel and recharge.

“We have so many screens: TVs, computers, phones… I worry we’re filling the days up with too much and it’s hard to focus on ourselves.”

Asked if that’s why she doesn’t use social media, she replied to America’s Vogue magazine: “Sanity! Honestly, when I look around and see people constantly on their phones, I feel like we’re missing so much. And it’s something we created.

“I equate it to the tobacco industry; it’s hard enough being a kid growing up and becoming who you are and finding yourself but now you have social media and you’ve added this extra pressure of seeing if someone likes or doesn’t like something you did.

“We’re creating these man-made challenges and it’s a such a drag.”

The 48-year-old actress – who is married to Justin Theroux – loves lazy weekends with her friends when she isn’t working.

Discussing her ideal weekend, she said: “Dinner with friends. And Sundays, if it’s warm, we’ll go down by the pool and the kids will come over and everybody plays and we make lunch and we roll into an early Sunday supper. We relax and hike and usually there is a workout class that happens.”

Jennifer became a household name playing Rachel Green in ‘Friends’ and she feels “proud” that the show is still popular, even though it ended in 2004.

She said: “Isn’t that funny?! It’s a weird resurgence, it’s like you’re frozen in time. Girls come up to me thinking that I’m still on the show! I’m so proud that it could have a second wind and still feel relatable, though.”

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