Jennifer Lopez lookalike is turning heads on social media

They say that everyone in the world has a doppelgänger. Many have actually come up to me and said they saw me in a place where I have never been. They could have sworn it was me. Weird! 

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I guess it would be super weird to meet someone else who looks like me. I would be intrigued but freaked out. Some doppelgängers are a bit of a stretch, but this lookalike is just super freaky! 

Janice Garay, a bodybuilder from Texas, USA is breaking the internet and having people do a double take when seeing her pictures – she is a replica of J.Lo.

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This Betty means business and I can’t imagine being on the wrong side of her would be any fun? She is ripped and has an amazing body. Some have even said that if J.Lo and The Rock had a baby, it would be her. Ha! 

After looking at her pictures, I have such respect for this type of dedication, because as you know this type of body takes such a lot of work to achieve.

I really hope that J.Lo notices that she does have a twin out there and her name is Janice Garay. Can you even tell them apart?

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