Jessica Thiefels: Entrepreneurship Tips for Beginners

Being an entrepreneur can be a challenging thing, particularly for beginner. Going through your first year may be difficult. However, you need to know that every entrepreneur undergoes the same thing. A contributor for Next Avenue – Jessica Thiefels – shared some entrepreneurship tips for those who want to run a successful business since the first year. by sharing her experience, Thiefels hopes that beginner entrepreneurs will find some ideas and motivation in running their business.

Smart Entrepreneurship Tips from Jessica Thiefels

Jessica Thiefels learned much from her business mentors. The following are some smart entrepreneur ships she shared:

Taking Nike’s Advice

When asked whether you are ready for running a business or not, it very likely that you will answer “No.” Of course, you want to have everything well planned before the business launching. You want everything ordered in row as planned. However, one of Thiefels’ mentor from Nike said that you would not need such as a perfect preparation.

entrepreneurship tips

The mentor suggested to just do it and see what you could learn while running the business. You might wait another six months or even a year to launch your business without making any significant progress. Therefore, instead of waiting longer to make a decision, doing and learning are better choices.

Thiefels had used the “just-do-it” mindset in many areas. She had learned much. For her, applying such mindset is proved to be better than spending months planning how to do the business. She learned how an idea worked and she was experimenting with a number of ideas to find the best platform for her business.

Building a Strong Support System

Thiefels realized that as a first-time entrepreneur, she had so many questions in mind on how to run the business. She had to think of many things in a non-stop way, from business planning, operation, marketing, to evaluation. Without a strong support system, you will feel exhausted and frustrated. The support network serves to help in finding the solutions for problems and answer for questions.

The process of building the support network can be tiring. You have to invite her partners for coffee or communicating with them on social media. You have to communicate with people that cross the organizational lines, geographical lines, and hierarchical lines. These are critical for success and growth.

Thiefels adds that once you build the network, make sure that you have a financial and legal expert in the organization. Besides getting professional help, never overlook the meaning of supportive friends and family in your business.

Asking for Help

If you are a beginner entrepreneur, never feel reluctant to ask for help from friends or relatives. You may need friends to help with small things like editing contract letters to bigger things. Friend is a great source of emotional support for first-time business owners. Ask them to share how they run the business and how the solved any problems. Friends are positive energy that provides you with more power for success.

Jessica Thiefels also shared few other entrepreneurship tips, which she did when she run the business for the first time. Do not miss them.

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