Kiwis miss out on Apple tech


OPINION: You could almost hear Kiwi Apple fans crying during the first few announcements of Wednesday’s event.

As Apple executives reeled off new features and products, New Zealand’s name was missing.

Kiwis won’t be able to buy an Apple Watch with cellular capability, which lets you get online and make and receive calls without having an iPhone with you.

They also won’t be able to get the app on the Apple TV device that lets you watch live shows and sport. 

Kiwis would’ve also been puzzled by all the announcements about the changes to the Apple Store, as we don’t have one here and we probably never will.


Kiwis will be able to buy the Apple Watch Series 3, but not the version with a cellular connection.

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If Apple had said the iPhone X wasn’t coming or was arriving late to New Zealand, then I imagine those cries would’ve turned to screams.

Many Kiwi tech fans won’t be too surprised though. We often miss out on products or features.

Apple mostly does OK by us though – we always get the new iPhones the same day as the rest of the world.

However, we do sometimes miss out.

Apple’s new smart speaker, the Home Pod, is due to be released in the US later this year but is not expected to arrive here until next year.

Apple TV is still missing Siri, the voice assistant which lets you search for shows on the device. This is despite Siri being available on iPhones. 

Apple isn’t the only tech company that misses out New Zealand.

Google’s Pixel smartphones aren’t sold in its New Zealand online store and are hard to get here. The same goes for Google Home, its smart speaker.

Amazon’s smart speaker, the Echo, is also not on sale here. Neither is the popular Roku streaming device.

However, for most Kiwi Apple fans, the new iPhones are the most important announcement and since they are arriving here at the same time as everywhere else, the cries have probably been stifled and replaced with smiles.

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