Kristaps Porzingis Skipped His Exit Interview Because Of Jeff Hornacek

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Kristaps Porzingis has had a tenuous summer with the New York Knicks. The word “peculiar” comes to mind, actually, but that one was used by Kyrie Irving shortly before his request for a trade out of Cleveland became public knowledge.

It’s unfair to group Porzingis and Irving under the same adjective, mostly because Porzingis hasn’t asked for a trade out of New York. That hasn’t stopped him from being the center of a number of his own trade rumors, including for Irving himself.

Much of that trade talk stems from the fact that he skipped his postseason exit interview with the team. At the time, it was framed as a move that spoke to Porzingis’ frustrations with Phil Jackson and his desire to trade away Carmelo Anthony, among other Jackson-related grievances.

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