Kyrgyzstan woman held with foreign currency worth Rs 90 lakh

A woman from Kyrgyzstan has been apprehended at the Delhi airport for allegedly trying to smuggle out US dollars worth over Rs 90 lakh.

A senior official said the woman, identified as Baltabeva Zukhra (56), arrived at Terminal III of the airport this morning to take a flight to Bishkek.

She was taken out for detailed frisking after the CISF personnel found her activities suspicious.

On frisking her bag, the official said that USD 60,000 was recovered, while the rest of the currency was found in another bag which she had checked-in, but refused to accept that it belonged to her.

“A total of 1,41,290 USD (over Rs 90.65 lakh) were recovered from the two bags and the woman has been handed over to the Customs authorities for further probe,” he said.

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