Labour unions to strike over tier-2 pension – Starr Fm

Twelve public sector labor unions have expressed their intention to go on a prolonged strike to oppose government’s handling of their tier-2 pension contributions.

The unions including JUSSAG, CLOGSAG, NAGRAT and the Ghana Medical Association are demanding the immediate transfer of funds from a temporary pensions fund account at the Bank of Ghana to custodian accounts which will attract interest.

In 2014, the labour unions laid down their tools to make similar demands, and were sued by the then NDC government, to end the strike that resulted in the partial or complete shutdown of most public institutions.

They challenged the Finance Ministry’s decision to use Pension Alliance Trust as a sole trustee of the second tier pension scheme for all employees on government payroll.

Dr. Justice Yankson, the Deputy General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association in an interview with Starr News said all options for engagement have been exhausted.

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