Lake in the Hills Police Sgt. Mark Mogan retires after months on leave with a suspended license

LAKE IN THE HILLS – Lake in the Hills Police Sgt. Mark Mogan, who kept his job with the department for months despite not having a valid driver’s license, has retired.

The Lake in the Hills Police Pension Fund Board unanimously approved Mogan’s retirement pension application Monday. Mogan’s pension collection will start at $61,091, village documents show.

A 3 percent increase a year will kick in starting in 2022, when Mogan turns 55, documents show. The benefits last for life, and in 20 years, Mogan will be collecting more than $108,000, documents show.

Mogan was arrested in December for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and striking 29-year-old Samantha Norris, who later died, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He was cleared of charges in the incident in March.

Prosecutors said Mogan’s blood-alcohol level was well below the legal limit at the time of the crash; however, his license revocation still stands because Walworth County Judge Phil Koss said that Mogan’s refusal to submit a blood test after the crash was not proper.

After Mogan’s yearlong license suspension in Illinois took effect in April, he kept his job and paycheck by using medical leave and other benefits.

Mogan was on leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act from April 3 until July 3, according to village documents and Human Resources coordinator Anita Neville. From July 3 to Thursday, his last day with the department, Mogan took time off through the village’s shared sick leave pooling policy, Neville said.

The policy allows full-time employees to to share accrued sick days on a voluntary basis, village documents show.

Mogan, who also is a Hebron trustee, earned a base salary of $106,246 a year in his role as sergeant. He had been with the department for nearly 24 years.

Mogan sent an email on Aug. 4 to Police Chief David Brey giving notice of his retirement.

“It has been my honor and privilege to serve and protect the residents of Lake in the Hills,” Mogan wrote in the email. “Over the years, I have seen much change in the department, the village and law enforcement, and I am proud to end my prestigious career with the Lake in the Hills Police Department, having served with law enforcement’s finest professionals, both sworn and civilian.”

Mogan said he is grateful for the opportunities the village has provided him, and he cherishes the lifelong friendships he’s made over the past 24 years.

“Please know that I have truly enjoyed every moment with the department,” Mogan wrote.

Mogan did not respond to requests for comment Monday on his decision to retire.

Lake in the Hills Police Pension Fund Board members Lawrence Howell, Stan Helgerson and Lloyd Howen approved Mogan’s pension request in a special meeting that lasted less than 10 minutes Monday morning. Lake in the Hills Finance Director Shane Johnson said it’s typical to hold a special meeting if there is a time-sensitive item to consider because the board meets quarterly.

A number of factors – including a person’s age, time served and salary – are considered when determining a pension amount, Johnson said.

Mogan applied for a restricted driving permit on June 6, which could have allowed him to drive to and from work as well as at work, even with a suspended license.

As of Monday, the Secretary of State’s Office had not made a decision on whether Mogan would be granted a restricted driving permit, Secretary of State’s spokesperson Dave Druker said via email. The deadline for the determination to be made is Sept. 6, Druker said.

A restricted driving permit typically allows someone to drive to and from work while their license is suspended. Certain conditions can be granted on a permit that also would allow someone to drive while on the job, Druker has said.

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