LaVar Ball gets tech at AAU game, cusses out ref, then forfeits | NBA

LaVar Ball is back to his old antics, and this time it came on a high school basketball court.

Ball, coaching his Big Ballers AAU team on Saturday, didn’t like a call that was made his team. He argued with the referee, saying, “It’s not a foul, it’s not a foul” — and some other choice words.

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Then, Ball pulled his team off the court. It’s important to note his team was winning 69-60 at the time he pulled his players off the court. Here’s video of the incident:

Ball was later asked why he made the decision to forfeit the game.

“It wasn’t about the referees,” Ball said outside. “Not going to have my guys playing hard and they cheating. I don’t play that s—.”

Right after explaining, he stopped to take a photo with a teenager. Yet another classic move from Ball. 

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