Leaders will address wasted energy on bickering

Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor has seen enough of the “bickering”

The team’s emotional leader has watched his team argue with opponents and referees alike for three straight weeks and it may have come to a head on Sunday through cornerback Richard Sherman.

Sherman, unhappy with the referees call on a pass interference that took away Chancellor’s interception, grew even more unhappy with the subsequent explanation, or lack thereof as he would term it, for the call and took time to argue with the official.

On the next Titans possession, a late hit out of bounds by Sherman caused a mini-scrum between the Seahawks defense and Titans offense.

Chancellor’s done with all of it, especially after his defense uncharacteristically gave up 420 total yards including 195 rushing yards, 165 of which came in the second half.

“I think every time we get into bickering, it’s wasted energy,” Chancellor said Sunday to the News Tribunes’ Gregg Bell. “I think it takes a little bit of the focus. It distracts. And it takes a little bit of energy.”

His head coach Pete Carroll agreed, especially with heat being a factor on Sunday.

“It was energy we didn’t need to be expending. That’s for sure,” Carroll said in his postgame press conference. “Sherman was trying to get an explanation on the call. And he got too hot, made a mistake and got a penalty on him. Mainly, it was just field position but we run pretty hot. But on a day when it was difficult — it was a challenging day for both teams with the temperature — you didn’t need to expend any wasted energy. We might have done some of that.”

Sherman hasn’t been the only one bickering with opponents through three weeks. Cornerback Jeremy Lane infamously got into it with Randall Cobb and Davante Adams, leading to his controversial ejection for a phantom punch in week one.

Defensive linemen Michael Bennett, Sheldon Richardson and Cliff Avril have all participated in shouting matches with various offensive players this season. Chancellor says they’ll address it.

“Yeah. Yeah, we’ll get to it,” Chancellor said told Bell.

“We were saying something when it first happened. And after while, if you start getting into it too much you start losing your energy and your focus. “

“We said as much as we could say. In the end, everybody is their own man. Everybody’s got a part on this defense. And we’ve just got to do better. We’ve all got to do better.”

It should also be noted that the defense spent 19 of the 30 first half minutes on the field, because Wilson and company were one for seven on third down in the half. So, the defense may have been tired for other reasons.

Chancellor and Carroll may contend that’s another reason not waste any more energy.

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