Letter: Displaying Confederate flag slaps to USA soldiers | Letters To The Editor

Greedy inhuman slave owners feared that the United States of America would ban slavery sometime in the 1860s. This led them to withdraw from the USA and form a new nation they called the Confederate States of America. CSA had a separate government, separate army, and separate views on enslaving human beings than the USA.

The war between the USA and the CSA is not a civil war but a war between two nations. Honoring CSA soldiers and politicians with statues and monuments is like honoring German soldiers and Hitler with statues and monuments.

Since people in the CSA had their own nation, it is unfair to call them traitors. It’s not like they sold out the Executive Branch of the United States to a KGB Russian dictator. Now that’s treason. Monuments honoring groups of CSA soldiers should have a plaque that states “Most of these men didn’t own slaves and suffered economically their whole lives because of slavery. Whether they gave their lives out of pride, prejudice and or stupidity, they were a foreign enemy of the United States.”

Displaying the Confederate flag is a slap in the face to the brave USA soldiers who fought against the CSA.

Tim Mahaffey


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