Letters: Confederate flag has no place in USA

On July 10, a group of Confederate supporters flew the Confederate flag on the State House grounds and said this would be a yearly occurrence. I understand they want to respect and acknowledge their ancestors, but the Confederate States of America was a separate and aggressive nation that attacked (Citadel cadets fired on Fort Sumter) and fought the United States of America.

The Confederate States of America seceded and fought for acknowledgment of their separate nation status based on what officials said at the time was their desire to keep slavery and other, but less forthright, reasons. This was, is and will always be the enemy aggressor. That is the history.

Flying a Confederate flag at the State House is akin to flying the Japanese flag at Pearl Harbor every Dec. 7 or Poland, France, Belgium, Austria and other European nations flying the Nazi flag to acknowledge the day they were invaded.

Anyone who believes we are still residents of the Confederate States of America is badly misinformed.

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