Liberal media exploits hurricane Harvey to attack President Trump

As the floodwaters slowly recede in Texas, the liberal media continue to relentlessly attack President Trump, despite the tremendous job he is doing to deal with Hurricane Harvey. 

The president deserves a great deal of credit for working with congressional leaders to help fund recovery from the killer storm. Late Friday night the White House asked Congress for $7.85 billion to fund the continuing federal response to the hurricane. President Trump has also pledged $1 million of his own money to help victims.

Yet media attacks harp on criticism of President Trump for his conduct on his first visit to Texas not long after Harvey hit.    

ABC News, a supposedly impartial source of information, ran with the following headline: “Trump thanks Texas officials for hurricane response, barely addresses victims.”

CNN’s headline was similarly backhanded: “Trump wins praise in Texas, but keeps empathy at bay.”

A Newsweek reporter chose to defend his fellow media members, claiming “reporters are rescuing people in Texas” even “as Trump attacks the media.” 

Others shifted to climate change, blaming President Trump’s pro-growth policies for the devastating flood damage.

The first line of a New York Daily News story read: “When it rains under President Trump, the protections will be poor.”

A Los Angeles Times editorial urged the president to recognize “climate change is a global threat” in light of Hurricane Harvey. As if hurricanes and floods haven’t existed for centuries. 

Now that the tragedy in Charlottesville has left the front page, the liberal media can no longer so frequently exploit the despicable actions of white supremacists to smear President Trump. So journalists are using their stories on Hurricane Harvey to propagate their anti-Trump agenda. 

Far too little attention is paid to the fact that the president expressed his support for Harvey’s victims, saying his heart “goes out even more so to the great people of Texas.” And even before that, the president mobilized federal resources and provided much-needed leadership under difficult circumstances. He continues to do this.

In addition, President Trump was headed to Houston on Saturday.

Imagine if President Obama received the same negative media coverage after the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, when he failed to name radical Islam as the cause of the carnage. Not a single mainstream news headline read: “Obama thanks first responders in Orlando, fails to mention radical Islam.”

The same goes for the 2015 San Bernardino shooting or the infamous Benghazi attack in 2012. Not once did President Obama forcefully condemn radical Islamic terrorism by name, which never drew fire from the liberal media.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, ABC News opted for a puffy human interest angle. A 2012 headline read: “Obama meets with parents who lost sons in Sandy.”

The liberal media purposely positions President Trump in a lose-lose situation. The same media that attacked President George W. Bush for visiting post-Katrina New Orleans too late blames President Trump for visiting post-Harvey Texas too early.

MSNBC whined about “real concern” regarding the president’s trip, suggesting it diverts valuable resources from the rescue effort.

No one in the White House is immune. First Lady Melania Trump was widely criticized for wearing high heels as she boarded a helicopter on her way to a flight to Texas. This despite the fact that that she changed into sneakers once the plane touched down.

The New York Times devoted several stories to Mrs. Trump’s high heels and alleged naiveté. One snarky headline read: “Melania Trump, off to Texas, finds herself on thin heels.” The attacks became so outrageous that even Trevor Noah, the liberal host of “The Daily Show,” stood up for the first lady.

The mainstream media should be ashamed. When the press exploits a natural disaster to score political points, it ultimately does a disservice to the victims who have lost everything in Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters. Our attention should be focused on them, the first responders, the continued rescue effort and federal aid being provided – not anti-Trump zingers and high heels. 

Countless videos have revealed truly awe-inspiring heroism on the streets of Houston and other parts of Texas. Americans of all backgrounds are helping each other stay safe. Ignore the fake news, watch these videos and pray for the people of Texas.

Ted Harvey is chairman of the Committee to Defend the President.

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