Lidl customers’ fury after bra calculator recommends tiny sizes to big busted women

BUDGET supermarket Lidl has come under fire from hundreds of women thanks to a serious boob on its website.

The purse-friendly chain has sparked scores of complaints from bigger busted customers after a whopping error on its bra size calculator means its estimations are incorrect.

The calculator appears to mix up the chest and bust measurements, resulting in the annoying mistake
 The calculator should estimate a customer's bra size based on basic measurements


The calculator should estimate a customer’s bra size based on basic measurements
 But a Facebook post from one customer spurred scores of similar complaints


But a Facebook post from one customer spurred scores of similar complaints

Women can log onto Lidl’s website and insert their measurements to work out their correct bra size.

But ladies who have 30HH breasts being told to buy a 34A bra and those with a 32FF are getting results of a 38A.

Pointing out the mistake, customer Megan Chapman wrote on Lidl’s Facebook page: “With an under-bust measurement of 30 and over-bust of 43 inches your calculator made me a 34A!!! A 34A!

“I have never been that size. Not even close.

“I’m actually a 30J if you use the correct measuring techniques and no, I’m not Katie Price, I just wear a bra that actually fits me!”

Another woman added: “It places me in a 34B or 36A if that size isn’t available. I’m wearing 30J. “My husband asked which nipple a bra of suggested size would actually cover?”

One customer even said: “For a Saturday night laugh it was was brilliant!


FIRSTLY, you need to measure your “chest” or “band” size.

Do this with your bra on and measure firmly around your rib cage, directly underneath your breasts. The tape measure should be horizontal around the body and should not drop at the back.

Then you need to find your “cup” or “bust” size. With your bra on measure around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape measure is taut and straight.

The difference in inches between the two sizes then gives you your cup size. Eg, a one inch difference would make you an A, two a B, three a C, four a DD, five a DD, six an E and so on.

So if your back size is 34 inches and your back size is 37 inches, that would make you a 34C.

Sizes can vary depending on the brand or type of bra. For more information on how to measure your bra size at home, read our guide.

“Seriously though Lidl that’s what it was – a joke. This is not good enough and you really need to take it down.”

Lidl’s error appears to have been made in the instructions on its website.

Customers are asked to enter both their “chest measurement” and their “bust measurement” to work out their ideal bra sizes.

But the accompanying instructions appear to be the wrong way round.

Telling shoppers how to measure their chest, Lidl suggests: “Chest size is measured by holding the measuring tape horizontally and not too close to the bust.”

And for bust, it states: “Horizontal body circumference is measured beneath the bust.”

Fiona Banks, from online support group Boob Or Bust, has blasted Lidl for leaving customers “confused”.

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Mrs Banks, who campaigns for better bra measuring services in shops, said: “The Lidl calculator seems to confuse ‘chest’ and ‘bust’, which has led to lots of women in our group being told ‘size could not be calculated’.

“Even when they reverse the figures, they are usually told they are an A cup by default.
“It is basic dressmaking.”

Lidl has been contacted by The Sun Online for comment.

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