Live Updates: Team USA Medal Matches

Photo: Richard Immel

Team USA Greco currently sits in first place going into the medal matches. Taylor LaMont will wrestler for bronze at 60kg and Cevion Severado and Kamal Bey will each wrestle for gold at 50kg and 74kg, respectively. Follow along here as they look to bring home Junior Greco World Championship hardware.

50kg: Cevion Severado (USA) vs. Poya Dad Marz (Iran)

1st period: Severado gives up the first point on the step out, 1-0 Dad Marz leads. Marz trying to work a 2-on-1, arm throw by Severado, countered by Marz and he scores 2 as they go out of bounds. Second passive call on Severado and Marz is awarded another point. Marz has been the aggressor throughout the period.

Break: Marz, 4-0.

2nd period: Takedown by Marz off of Severado’s attack. 6-0, Marz. Marz pushes Severado out it’s white paddled as a straight on push and not a step out.

Final: Poya Dad Marz, 6-0.
60kg: Taylor LaMont (USA) vs. Magomed Magomedov (Russia)

1st period: 1 point to Magomedov on the step out to take 1-0, lead. First passive call on Magomedov. Arm throw attempt by LaMont, called a slip. Double overs throw by LaMont, Magomedov stops it and LaMont’s head hits out of bounds and 1-point goes to Magomedov.

Break: 2-0, Magomedov

2nd period: Hand fighting and fighting for position for both wrestlers. Passive on Magomedov and LaMont gets point to make the score 1-0. About a minute left to wrestle. Time runs out, challenge by LaMont’s corner on the singlet grab but the referee’s won’t allow it.

Final: Magomedov, 2-1.
74kg: Kamal Bey (USA) vs. Akzhol Makhmudov (Kyrgyzstan)

1st period:


2nd period:

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