Locals applaud Fargo police for social media updates during five hour standoff

Fargo Police took to Twitter for the first time during an active situation with 12 tweets throughout the stand-off.

The department says they saw other police departments across the country doing this and wanted to try this type of outreach here at home.

As police huddled around the home for hours, people in the neighborhood were confused and scared.

“It was hard not knowing exactly what was going on,” said Marisa Gabel, lives in the neighborhood.

Marisa Gabel took shelter with her three kids in their basement isolated, but all the while, staying connected.

“I was on facebook almost constantly and my friends would tag me in updates. So that’s how I followed this story,” said Gabel.

Knowing people like Marisa would hop straight to social media Officer Jessica Schindeldecker turned a scary situation into a ‘trial experiment.’

“It’s important that we have a voice during these critical incidents. And to make sure that we are keeping the citizens up to date as to what is going on. A lot of times the first place people are going to go, it’s going to be that social media,” said Officer Schindeldecker.

For the first time the department tweeted throughout the incident first with a warning, then even with a map of where they set up the police perimeter.

“If our president tweets a lot, I think the Fargo Police Department can because how else would we know unless they go door to door. And it’s very important that we’re updated,’ said Gabel.

Some say communication should still include ‘traditional’ techniques.

“Our generation is all high tech, but some of us don’t have twitter. Some of us don’t have that kind of stuff. So it would be nice for them to talk face to face,” said Marie Carpenter, lives in neighborhood.

For Gabel she says these updates have left this family thankful that it didn’t steal their sense of security to once again enjoy a summer day outdoors.

“I think they handled it by the book,’ said Gabel.

Police say they hope to take again to twitter and facebook in other situations like this in the future.

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