Malawi falsifying economic data, claims Chakwera: ‘Don’t lie to people on single digit inflation’ | Malawi Nyasa Times

Leader of opposition  and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera, has said the current talk about Malawi’s inflation easing to a single digit is just a lie and a fluke as any such major economic shift would translate into socio-economic growth and improved life among the majority of Malawians.

Chakwera: The truth is Malawi is times of economic duress

Chakwera said authorities are falsify the country’s  economic data and  embellish its growth figures.

“A single digit inflation which does not translate to socio-economic growth among the majority of Malawians is nothing but a fluke. They are saying inflation is single digit, meaning things are getting better. Where are those things getting better?” said Chakwera a former clergyman.

He said people do not need to be told that things in the country are getting better, but should feel it.

Chakwera  added: “When things are going on well in a country, it should not be leaders who should be saying that but rather people who are feeling the impact of such positive developments”.

He said it was such lies that need to be dealt with by electing leaders of integrity into public offices as this will be a significant step towards achieving development.

“Time of not telling the truth is over. We must communicate to Malawians, knowing that they are fellow human beings who are able to decipher that we are telling the truth or not. Communicating truth will help because that is what will set us free,” he said.

Chakwera made the remarks when he supported the party’s candidates in Lilongwe City South East Constituency Ulemu Msungama and Mtsiliza Ward Kinwell Zikaola.

Addressing the voters in the two areas, Chakwera said Malawians are suffering and they must rally behind a movement for a change.

“We all need to be free. Every Malawian should be able to enjoy the country, not only those people in the ruling party,” he said.

In Lilongwe City South East Constituency where the by-election has been due to annulling of the results through a court battle following fears that the elections were rigged, Chakwera assured the people that this time around there would be no rigging as what happened in 2014.

“They will not rig again. They tried it somewhere but they failed. We have our people who are in control,” Chakwera said.

Some notable faces have joined the MCP campaign in the by-elections, among them Lilongwe City Deputy Mayor Juliana Kaduya, former Cabinet member in Bingu wa Mutharika regime Augustine Mtendere and United Democratic Front regional governor for the Centre John Banda who announced their joining the MCP.

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