Mammoth crowd? Moses Kuria mocks NASA protestors in New York, USA

Moses Kuria
  • Moses Kuria has mocked a group of protesters in the diaspora
  • This is after a handful turned up to picket in New York
  • The protesters had turned up at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York, USA

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has mocked a group of Kenyans in the diaspora that had turned to protest at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in the USA.

Through his Facebook page, Kuria threw a jibe at the protestors who were picketing in New York as non-starters.

“Mammoth crowds at NASA demonstrations outside the UN in New York today,” posted Kuria.

Attached to the post was a statement that poured cold water on the hype that the demonstrators had reportedly generated only for dozens to turn up.

After so much hype around the much awaited NASA supporters demonstrations in New York outside the UN headquarters, this was the turn out.

And these are the guys expected to fundraise for Rao in the diaspora? If I were him I would apologize…” read the post in part.

The demonstrators who were reportedly drawn from various parts of the United States had assembled outside the headquarters to make their voices heard over the electoral quagmire in Kenya.

Among the range of issues cited by the group included reforms at Kenya’s electoral body IEBC before the elections are held and the stoppage of all attacks targeted at the Judiciary.




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