Māori Party Candidate Excited by Voter Energy

Māori Party candidate – Te Tai Tonga

30 July

Māori Party Candidate Excited by Voter

Te Tai Tonga candidate, Mei Reedy-Taare, is
overwhelmed with the vigour of Te Tai Tonga voters who have
been speaking with her in Nelson, Dunedin, Lower Hutt and
Christchurch over the last fortnight.

“The people I’ve
been talking with have seen the results of the Māori Party
being at the table – being able to negotiate some great
opportunities for whānau through Whānau Ora; Moving the
Māori Nation, Māori digital technologies and Māori
enterprise,” said Ms Reedy-Taare.

“They have told me
they don’t need politicians coming in to promise a
‘fresh approach’ or whatever respective parties can do
for them. Whether the billboard is blue, green or red is not
so much the issue as which party is listening to

“These are people who are setting up their own
business; who are running marathons (Journey to Aoraki), who
are setting up community gardens, operating whānau
movements based on fitness and wellbeing. All they ask for
is that their initiative, their inspiration is respected by
Government and that they are able to thrive.”

not surprised at the polls tonight – what I’m hearing on
the hustings is that New Zealanders are tired of political
pledge cards and party promises: they want to do for
themselves, not depend on parties to do it for

That’s why my mission this election is to
listen to the stories and the dreams of as many of our
whānau as I can. My ambition is to be the strongest voice
for Te Tai Tonga that I can be, to mobilise the passions and
priorities of this remarkable constituency, to ensure they
are the ones who shape our future,” said Ms


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