Mark Little media venture Neva Labs aims to be Netflix for news

Storyful founder and former RTÉ journalist Mark Little has set up a new digital media company to help publishers beat the problem of “information overload” and deliver personalised news to paying users.

Mr Little and co-founder Áine Kerr have established Neva Labs in Dublin and hired product specialists ahead of a six- to eight-month phase for “testing” their assumptions about how it might work.

Neva Labs will explore putting voice activation at the heart of its product, effectively creating “a personal assistant for news”.

The company intends to use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) to restore “truth and trust” to the distribution of information at a time when tech companies have been criticised for their role in the spread of “fake news”.

“We are talking to people at the cutting edge of machine learning and AI. We have huge ambition for this, probably bigger than we did at Storyful,” Mr Little told The Irish Times.

“I think the future is going to be a Spotify or Netflix for news,” he said, citing a recent “surge” of interest in the development of new payment methods for content.

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