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By Anna Liza Villas-Alavaren

The Makati City government is set to sign Public Private Partnership (PPP) contracts for five important projects that would bring about digital transformation for the city.

MB File – Makati Mayor Abigail Binay. (KJ ROSALES) | Manila Bulletin

Makati Mayor Abigail Binay will lead the signing of PPP contracts on Monday for the following: Fiber Optic Loop Connecting Makati City eGovernment in partnership with several private companies to acquire mobile signal boosters to strengthen cellular and Internet connectivity in partnership with technology and market research companies as well.

Earlier, Binay cited that public private partnerships as the best way to bring about digital transformation for Makati and other localities.

“Our vision is for PPP to become the linchpin to propel our infrastructure development program. The City of Makati is fully committed to strengthening its partnership with the private sector. We recognize the indispensable role of such a partnership in revolutionizing the way government serves the people, and moving our communities forward,” said Binay.

Last May, the city government entered into a landmark agreement with a telecommunications service provider which led to the launching of the Makatizen Card. The unified, multi-purpose government-issued citizen ID consolidates all health and social benefits for over 500,000 residents and city hall employees.

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