Media abuzz with Qatari royal’s bid to resolve crisis

In his statement, Sheikh Abdullah called for a national ruling family meeting to resolve the current crisis.

The GCC, Arab media outlets and other social media networks are abuzz with speculation after a prominent figure of Qatar ruling family, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani, called for a meeting of members of the ruling family and other dignitaries in Qatar to end the present Gulf crisis.

This has caught the attention in the GCC and beyond amid expectation that the Gulf crisis could enter a new phase, that could lead to Doha eventually changing its policy.

In his statement, Sheikh Abdullah called for a national ruling family meeting to resolve the current crisis. “It is our duty not to keep silent about this crisis”, he said.

“I feel pain when I see this situation moving towards the worst, as it reached the level of direct incitement threatening the stability of the Arabian Gulf, and interfering in others’ affairs”, he added.

Sheikh Abdullah’s statement drew the attention of the media in the GCC and Arab world. The political analysts started speculating on the possible outcome of the meeting, which will take place at a date which could be proposed by the people willing to attend the meeting.

Speaking to Saudi Channel Al Arabiya in London, Sheikh Abdullah said he had received calls from members in the ruling family, sheikhs, tribesmen and dignitaries in Qatar supporting his efforts.

“They have refused to have their names published, apparently for security reasons, except the family member Sheikh Mubarak bin Khalifa bin Saud bin Thani Al Thani, who requested his name to be published.”

A Twitter hashtag dubbed Statement_Shaikh_Abdullah_bin_Ali has drawn a reaction across the Arab world, especially in the boycotting nations and Qatar.

Prominent Saudi adviser in the Saudi Royal court Saud Al Qahtani described Sheikh Abdullah’s initiative and statement as significant. Al Qahtani said that Sheikh Abdullah tries his best for the benefit of his country.

“May God the Almighty guide Sheikh Abdullah’s steps and show him the right way,” Al Qahtani prayed.

Commenting on the quick response of Sheikh Mubarak bin Khalifa Al Thani to Shaikh Abdullah’s call, Al Qahtani said that the instant support of Sheikh Mubarak is a clear indication that the actions taken by those in charge of the Qatari policy ‘do not represent our people in Qatar’.

Saudi twitter user Saad Jabbar echoed the same view: “Abdullah bin Thani is a lifebuoy to the Qatari people. We appeal to them to stand with him. The situation would be very serious and catastrophic to the future of Qatar and Qataris if the current regime of Qatar remained.”

Another Saudi twitter user Turki bin Awad Al Orabi referred to the possibility to bring about a change in the Qatari regime, saying that Saudi Arabia did not and would not want to overthrow the government in Qatar.

“The change is coming from the heart of the ruling family of Al Thani,” Al Orabi added.

Spokesman of the Qatari opposition Khalid Al Hail, commenting on the statement, called on the Qatari people to stand with Sheikh Abdullah, who strives to unify Qatari people for the sake of the nation.


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