Media aghast at Trump for talking politics at Boy Scout speech

Members of the media scolded President Trump Monday night for talking politics at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

Trump said at the meeting he was working hard to repeal Obamacare, and said he would have to fire Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price if the votes weren’t there.

“He better get the votes,” Trump said. “Otherwise I will say, Tom, you’re fired.”

Members of the media were not impressed:

“Please @POTUS don’t put the Boy Scouts in this situation,” tweeted NBC’s Chuck Todd. “Keep politics out of the Jamboree. What a mess.”

“Saturday, the president politicized an appearance on an aircraft carrier,” said Edward-Isaac Dovere of Politico. “Today, he politicized an appearance at the Boy Scouts Jamboree.”

A reporter for the Toronto Star said he was naive to think Trump would not “go on a barely hinged rant to Boy Scouts.”

Josh Greenman of the New York Daily News said Trump’s actions are a “contradiction” to scouting values.

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