Meet the power couple crowned the UK and Ireland’s hottest vegans

When I catch personal trainer Goodwin over the phone, it’s exactly the window into the life of the UK and Ireland’s hottest vegan I’d expected. “I’ve just been running along the beach with a client” he purrs, painting a picture of a slow motion jog along a sandy shore as a field of cows live free and happy lives in the background. “Actually, it’s gale-force winds out here”, he chuckles.

While the stretch of the Sussex coast they call home may not quite live up to the Californian sunshine of Baywatch, their modern lifestyle and infectious enthusiasm defy any outdated stereotypes of cardigan-wearing, monotone bores the word vegan may still carry.

Goodwin specialises in CrossFit as a personal trainer and Rider is a fitness addict who works at a charity. Both are prolific on social media, which they use as a platform to spread their vegan message to the world.

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