Megyn Kelly says ‘Go USA’ when asked if she’d kneel with NFL players

NBC host Megyn


Just a day after saying she was “done
with politics for now
,” newly-minted NBC morning-show host
Megyn Kelly lived up to her promise by dodging a question about
whether she supports NFL players protesting racial inequality and
police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem at games.

Asked on Tuesday’s show whether she’d take a knee,
Kelly joked that she’d “never be at a sporting event,” and
opined that her legal background gave her a different
interpretation of players protesting, and of
people’s criticism
of players who knelt.

“I am a lover of the First Amendment,” Kelly said. “In a way,
this whole situation underscores the beauty of our country.
Because those players have every right to take a knee, and those
who object to it have every right to say they object.”

“I believe that the fundamental principle, the bedrock of the
First Amendment is the answer to speech we do not like is not
less speech, it’s more speech. So, I just sort of think — go USA,
that’s my feeling in watching it.”

In the lead-up to her debut on Monday, Kelly and NBC have
attempted to soften the sharp-elbowed former Fox News host’s
image, which was slightly at odds with the new show’s
position as a space void of politics. 

Critics appeared to pan Kelly’s first show: CNN and USA Today
it “awkward,”
The Washington Post called it
a “morning-show Bride of Frankenstein,” and Time said she
fails to
” with her audience.

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