Meikarta Satellite City to Attract Thousands of Multinational Companies in The Biggest Economy of South-East Asia, Business News

-Remains one of the largest CBDs in South-East Asia, it expects to be home for 4,000 multinational companies.

-Complemented by nearly 10,000 local firms, it will become the Silicon Valley of the world’s 4th most populous country.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ –Indonesian-based property, PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk, today presented its prestigious portfolio of property and investment opportunities, provided by its state-of-the-art project, Meikarta Satellite City. It will network with thousands of multinational firms, spanning from Japan to Britain and Germany, and up to now hundreds of companies all over the world has partnered with PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk to develop the area. In the future, nearly 4,000 multinational companies around the globe will also occupy the hundreds of skyscrapers in the area, such as BP and Volkswagen.

“In addition to Japan biggest names, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Sunco, PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk will also drive more foreign investors, especially from European countries,” said investment manager of Meikarta. Not surprising since Europe is ranked third among the major foreign investors in Indonesia during the 2010-2015 period. The top 3 among Europe’s largest investment in Indonesia including Britain and Germany, with total investment of nearly US$ 3 billion, according to The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

The future is here today. “With the ever-increasing demand for infrastructure, Meikarta strives to deliver an excellent inventory to help investors find a new home that meets their specific needs. Our commitment, specifically among customers, investors, and operating partners, has led to the increase in the number of economic growth, as well as a highly-regarded investment destination for Indonesian and global investors alike,” added branding director of Meikarta.

Meikarta Satellite City sets the new standard for a world city in South-East Asia, providing top class facilities, such as:

– 250,000 units of prime residential property, 1 million sqm of open green space, and 1,5 million sqm of prime commercial space.

– More than 200 skyscrapers with 35 to 46 floors spreading over 22 million sqm, including office towers, apartments, hospital, universities, and shopping malls

– Monorail system and a high-speed elevated train to connect with all industries areas in the city, as well as Jakarta-Bandung’s route.

In other words, Indonesia offers a wide range of investment opportunities, for foreign and domestic investors. In 2017, sovereign rating in Indonesia reached BBB- by Standard & Poor with stable outlook. It means Indonesia’s credit rating raised to investment grade, which will give Indonesia access to a wider investment. As the world’s fourth most populous country after China, India, and United States, Indonesia is also home to the world’s 16th largest economy, with a total GDP reached nearly US$ 1 trillion dollars in 2016.

Policy-making has been simplified thereby creating a conducive investment climate in Indonesia. 

Recently, Indonesian government has also launched the 16th round of economic stimulus measures, including policy to simplify approval procedures for foreign investment through single submission. Effectively applied in early 2018, it will centralize all business and import permit issuance in one building. Therefore, it will make approval procedures easy for foreign investment in order to accelerate economic growth.

Upon completion, Meikarta Satellite City can also be expected to alleviate up to 2 million unemployed in Jakarta, according to the Statistical Yearbook of Indonesia 2016. It is also the heartland of Indonesian automobile industry with an annual production of approximately 1 million cars and 10 million motorcycles. Based on current development trends, the Meikarta project has the potential to become a new CBD within greater Jakarta and the commercial center of East Jakarta. As a result, it will significantly promote Indonesia’s economic development while transforming the economic model.

About Meikarta:

MEIKARTA, the new international city is Lippo’s largest investment project ever undertaken since more than six decades ago. 

MEIKARTA is located at the heart of the Indonesian economy, in the Jakarta-Bandung corridor. 60% of Indonesia’s national economy is located in the Jakarta-Botabek-Bandung area, of which 70% are in the center of Bekasi-Cikarang. MEIKARTA is also surrounded by several new cities, including Lippo Cikarang, Jababeka, and MM2100, an industrial area that produces more than 1 million cars, 10 million motorcycles, millions of refrigerator units, televisions and household appliances, annually. 

The location of MEIKARTA will have a more strategic value as several important infrastructures are being built in this area, such as the Jakarta-Bekasi-Cikarang-Bandung rapid train, Patimban Deep Seaport, Kertajati International Airport, Light Rail Transport (LRT) Cawang-Bekasi Timur-Cikarang, Automated People Mover (Monorail) which unites seven new cities around Meikarta, and Jakarta-Cikampek Elevated Highway. 

MEIKARTA will have world-class infrastructure and facilities, such as shopping centers, health centers and international hospitals, international financial centers, five star hotels, national libraries, opera theater & art centers, national and international education establishment, National Universities, industrial research center, International Exhibition Center, and Indonesian Silicon Valley. 

MEIKARTA was developed by a subsidiary of PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk (“LPCK”), a subsidiary of PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk (“LPKR”). For more information, visit


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