Metro on recruitment drive for plumbers to intensify fight against water leaks

JULY 24, 2017

The fight against water leaks has been intensified as Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has advertised seven vacancies for Artisan plumbers.

“Mandela Bay is currently facing severe water shortages due to a pro-longed drought and is also grappling with fresh water leakages across the Metro,” described Sibongile Dimbaza, Spokesperson to the Executive Mayor Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Athol Trollip.

“This puts the Metro in a dire situation as its water reserves continue to be depleted with no immediate and meaningful rainfall relief in the immediate future.

“Artisan plumbers form part of the core team that fixes water leaks in the City and also ensure reduction of turnaround times in fixing these leaks.”

Dimbaza said that the current turnaround time to fix small leaks is between 15-20 working days.

“As such, the Municipality has moved swiftly by employing an additional seven.

“It’s an envisaged that their recruitment will immediately reduce turnaround times drastically,” he added.

“The Municipality’s organogram structure consists of 51 Artisan plumber teams. Currently, a total of 27 plumbers are in the system and there is a total of 24 plumbing vacancies.”

He said that once the recruitment process has been completed, the new recruits will bring the number of Artisan plumbers to 34, bring the vacancy figure to 17.

“The Metro is committed to strengthening its internal operations through the employment of highly skilled and qualified employees to take this City forward,” Dimbaza said.

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