Meyer heads to Brazil for USA D-II Basketball Tour | Sports

Northwest Missouri State senior Tanya Meyer will be getting a once in a lifetime opportunity this summer as she was selected to represent the United States as a part of the USA D-II Basketball Team Tour to Brazil.

“Honestly, I’ve only ever been on one other airplane ride,” the Bearcats’ 19.6 points-per-game scorer from last season said. “I am pretty excited about that. I have passion for this game and getting all the opportunities that I have gotten through it just adds to the love that I have for it … This is definitely at the top of the list. To have the opportunity to go to another country and play the sport that I fell in love with as a kid is amazing.”

The tour starts Monday and runs through August 9.

Northwest players Justin Pitts and Zach Schneider played in the event last year.

The team will play in Jundai, Brazil, on August 2-3 and in Rio de Janiero on August 5 and 7.

“I’ve never been on the beach before so I am really looking forward to that,” Meyer said, referencing the opportunity to see the ocean.

Meyer is joined on the team by Wayne State’s Paige Ballinger and Maggie Schulte; Missouri Southern’s Chelsey Henry; Pittsburg State’s Paige Imhoff and Brenlee McPherson; Central Missouri’s Paige Redmond; Northern State’s Miranda Ristau and Minnesota State-Moorhead’s Cassidy Thorson and Jacky Volkert.

“It is going to be be cool to share that experience with them and then play against them and be able to look back at what we did together,” Meyer said.

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